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The soonest you've binned a new bike after buying...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BlackVeeTwo, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Reading some of the other forum threads, I'm hoping this hasn't happened to too many folks...but...

    you can imagine, many moons ago, when the new GSX-R1100 came out - 197kg and too many HP...I'd been riding a GSX1100 Katana up until then, when I'd gone for a ride with a few mates, one of whom had the new gixxer (at that time) we'd swapped bikes amongst us, and I was hooked on the gixxer, so I duly sold the Katana (why oh why? They're fetching heaps now...and as an aside, I passed up the chance back then to by a McIntosh frame, bodywork included, which the old 1100 motor and wiring loom etc, would have slotted right into...but I digress...) - getting back to my gixxer, I paid the readies, pulled out of the shop, and decided to take a "back way" home....5mins later I entered a downhill intersection, locked the front and down the road we went! (Very new and very slippery tyres, plus damp road) Very low speed, so no injury, but.. the bike went down on the LHS and even though the speed was low, gravity kept it going down the hill towards the intersection, and managed to grind through the fairing and engine cover, so the b*stard came to rest in a puddle of oil, right in the middle of the intersection proper! F*ck me if some twat didn't almost collect my new pride and joy right there and then, but somehow managed to stay alert enough to -just- miss my bike as I was running down the hill after it! Luckily, someone had an early incarnation of a mobile phone, so the shop was called and duly the bike was collected...the quote was about $1200 to get new engine cover and repair the fairing, but that hurt a lot back then!

    Anyone have a similar tale of woe?

    PS - I didn't have that bike for very long afterwards - it was jinxed so I got rid of it!
  2. Oh dude........ That seriously sucks ass :cry:

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    Dude, that must have sucked.

    Haven't stacked my own bike (although I did manage to lowside one of the training course bikes).

    This is my favourite vid of a random dude stacking a new bike -
  4. Bought my first bike, Honda CJ250T. It was delivered to a carpark where I received just over an hour of rider training before I wobbled off in the general direction of home.

    Managed about 5 miles before I stacked it. Tried to do a right turn and forgot to brake. :shock:

    Had to push her the last mile home. :(

    Damage was both right indicators, brake lever, dent in the tank, bent footpeg and scratched panel.
  5. Geez, i at least held out a week before decking the storm!

    Tyre's were crap and i hadn't got round to changing them yet.... lol

    Did a big power slide round a corner then as i went to right it copped mad tank slapper and down i went in front of a school full of kids. :LOL:

    Went down trying to drag a knee in the wet a few months after that and most recently highsided it at the track....

    It's definitely been an interesting run with this bike, a learning experience to say the least! :LOL:

    Highside was the funnest but can't afford to fix the bike so i'm gonna go cry in the corner after i post this! :grin:
  6. For me, about four hours. Got it home, went for a ride, fcuked up on a corner, hit the gravel on the outside of the corner, and that was the end of that.
  7. I managed about two weeks, and that was riding over 160kms a day to work and back on the New England Highway. By the end of two weeks I thought I knew it all, but then I pulled off the road surface to stop and put on my wet-weather gear, squeezed on the front brake on the gravel verge and ...... :LOL:
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  9. I don't think I've ever managed less than a week. That was my (S/H) GSX550 back in the UK. Hit a patch of ice one night, lost the front, got it back but had, by then, run out of road and so highsided very slowly and gently into the hedge. All at about 30 km/h. It were hilarious :grin:. No damage to self or bike.
  10. Oops. Double post.
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    I like this one because the guy comes out from under a Suzuki sign and is branded head to toe in what looks like expensive gear and then that happens.
  12. The mechanics at the dealer dropped/crashed chriso's bike (08 r1) when he was on the way to pick it up.
  13. I had a second GSXr1100 (water cooled) after I binned my first. 6 weeks of tip-toing around in the rain. I didn't get to feel out it's limits.

    Anyway after 6 weeks of pissing around a mate pulls up to me at the lights next to me on his oil sieve. we take off from the lights and he gives it some. I think "right, your arse is mine".

    Turns out my arse belonged to the tarmac.
  14. LOL! Burst out laughing at work
  15. firestorm = 5 days
    gsxr750 = 3 days
  16. An interesting event the other day. At the shop I'm doing some work experience at we had a young bloke come in and buy the 600 Repsol replica + the most expensive gear in the shop, around $20G all up :shock:, does it all through honda finance.

    Paper work finished, boss hands over the keys, bloke suits up and rides of. Or tries to anyway. He stalls 3 times before reving her nuts of and dumps the clutch :eek: front wheel in the air he swings it around into the carpark next to him and almost drops it :?

    The bikes locked up in the workshop now, safe untill he can prove that he actually has a bike licence.
  17. That is gold, LMFAO
  18. Good to see that work place stepping up and caring about the safety of the rider and the public.

    +1 for gold, LMFAO. :LOL:
  19. Pretty sure a real dealer can't sell a new bike to someone without a licence
  20. Hrm. When I bought my last car I was at a rather reputable dealer in Adelaide, and wasn't even asked for my license etc. when I asked to take it for a test drive.