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The "something nice happened on my bike" thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Ok, I'm feeling like we need a bit of an NR love in... so share a story about something nice that happened while you were on your bike.

    OK, I'll start:

    The other day, I filtered up to a set of lights and pulled level with the driver door of a battered kingswood. It was full of kids. The little lady in back right seat spied me on the bike and waved, so I waved back... then she pressed her face full flat up against the window and distorted her nose, mouth and face in 5 different ways before giggling her head off. The whole car load of kids and the driver burst into laughter. I couldn't help have a giggle myself.

    Lights went green and I rode off feeling a bit lighter.

    O:) :grin:
  2. Mate, you are the pied piper of grannies. They eat out of your hand. If the Bert show wasn't dead, I'd hire you immediately to promote incontinence pads.

    Nice things happen to me every time I ride, all it takes is a wheelie past a pretty girl or a gobsmacked young kid to make me grin for hours.
  3. I stopped for a Wood Duck crossing the road today whilst out practising my cornering :)
  4. When little kids look at you and wave in awe because your on a bike, whilst tugging on mummy or daddy's hand saying "look a motorbike"...

    I always give the littluns a wave and they wave back excitedly, always makes me smile :)
  5. A few weeks back, driving down Victoria Rd Rozelle in my cage.

    Guy flies past me on his ride. I catch him at the lights, and sitting in the back, on a modified, mounted milk crate, was his pillion, a Stafforshire Bull Terrier, wearing those 'doggles', in black of course, very cool.

    Farkin' pissed myself all the way home, wife lost it too! :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Ooh I got one though, I wheelied past a car full of Ginos the other day and they went BANANAS :shock: screamed up beside me and demanded more wheelies.

    I tried once, but preparation was poor and I got no love. I began to blush. Honour was on the line.

    I took a deep breath, gave it another crack, and hoisted it sky high, sailing past them at a rate of knots and I caught a brief glimpse of two upturned, wide eyed faces poking out of the passenger side windows as I passed. Gave me a good giggle!
  7. I came out of safeway the other day to see a lil kid standing next to my bike..all smiles.
    He says to me..nice bike lady,
    I said yeah it is, isn't it...you wanna sit on it and let mum take your pic( camera phone)
    YEAH..says the lil boy.
    I hoist him aboard, mum takes the pic...then his lil sis starts sooking...
    thats two happy kids now!
    each of them had their pic taken on the bike by themselves..
    and one of the two of them together.
    Mum was very happy!
  8. robsalvv - to be known forever more as patron saint of small children and li'l ol' ladies.

    well, i don't do the wheelies but agree almost always something nice happens - a smile and a wink at a kid in the back seat; a hello to a dog hanging its head out the window; momentary eye-contact and a knowing mona lisa smile with a woman in the passenger seat looking at me with that glint in her eye of 'one day i'll be getting a bike of my own and the hubbie doesn't have a clue that i've been secretly harbouring and nurturing that dream our entire marriage'.

    but my absolutely favourite is when i'm out on my own, 24 degrees, sun dappled through the trees, lazily cruising through some big broad sweepers, everything silent but the hum of my motor, leaves falling slow-mo around me, a bird flitting past in front of me, completely in the moment, totally still inside...yummmm... well, i guess i don't need to explain it to you guys.... :)

    nice thread Robsalvv, thanks
  9. My favourite story is when I was at Cooma once in the dead of winter. I had emptied out my bags and was wearng my enitire wardrobe. What didnt fit under the leathers went over! it was 0 degrees. Met a guy on a Harley, he pulled out of the servo without a helmet and took off up the mountain. He wouldve had frostbite on his beard for sure.I was more woried about him getting cold than the fact he had no helmet. As he pulls out, a BMW Dakar and chair pulls in behind me. In the chair is a Great Dane called Albert. The guy riding was called Jean Claude .They were tavelling round Oz. Albert was wearing doggy goggles. This was in 1988, I often wonder what happened to that bunch of characters I met that day.they brightened up what was slowly becoming a very long freezing ride.
  10. :rofl: Patron saint of incontinence pads possibly...

    Ahhh, that's much better... I'm feeling the love. :) O:)

    Carri, I'm definitely getting the slow mo thing... felt that exact thing on a ride to Daylesford recently via the wombat state forest/Trentham...

    *looks at Loz* <insert "wish I could wheelie" emoticon>

    Keep the stories coming!

  11. Luckily the word ‘nice’ is subjective so i feel i can contribute to this thread.

    One of the nice feelings I get on my bike is when I’m splitting past cagers who are using their mobile, I always pull in my clutch and crack open the throttle, I love to see windows get wound up as I pass these fools

    Now that’s NICE.
  12. ALWAYS nice coming up behind a bus full of giggling high school girls and seeing which ones are 'cool' and don't look or wave, or which ones carry on like pork chops while the rest act cool.....

    Of course, being the nice person I am, I always wave anyway....
  13. this always makes me smile too! the kids always look up to you like you're soooo cool, and you just know it makes their day too to acknowledge them! :cool:

    the other day i buzzed past a mate on the freeway, as over lunch i'd been saying how awesome my bike sounds, so i gave it a bit just for his enjoyment (ok, and my enjoyment!), and the smile on his face was great! He then proceeded to miss our exit and head up the hume fwy instead! we all got a good laugh when it took him ages to get back, including him!
  14. ...A great dane wearing doggy goggles riding in the side car... now THAT's got Hallmark written all over it!
  15. aah arent we all getting in touch with our warm and fuzzy sides??

    Must say a couple of nice incidents have come my way, must be good karma from nodding to cage drivers who sees me and doesn't pull out in front of me.

    Split past the traffic at the lights pulled up next to a ute, you know the type RM Williams and B&S stickers all over it, he leans out of the window, I'm thinking shit what's he want, and he says "fargin noice lookin bike mate", I say thanks and then proceed to stall as I take off. :oops:

    Last night on the Monash kids waving to me and even mum did, nice mummy too!!

    The best though pulled up at work and a very sexy young girl who I work with was looking at the bike didn't know it was me, I pulled my helemt off and she walked up and said "Wow you ride a bike, that is soo hot" :shock:
  16. Nice thing on a bike

    I swear on my mothers life,this is a true story.

    In 2000 I had a job where I travelled interstate a lot,the main office was in the city and manufacturing was in Blackburn,I had to go into the city to pick up some cash for a trip for expenses.
    Im riding back on the Eastern fwy towards Nunawading and Im about at Chandler turn off,see a cop bike sirens flashing,hiking in other direction towards the city,some poor b*rstads for it I thought,20 seconds later,another 2 cops bikes,same scenario and a cop car has blocked of intake ramp sirens going,so I thought I better back it down from the 130kmh I was sitting on,some heavy sh*ts about to go down.
    Next in the distance I see 5-6 police bikes spread eagle across all lanes going to city,behind that a big black limo flying flags.Couple of others limos of her entourage behind them,and a few more cop cars,minders and bikes behind them.
    In front of me,where in the far right lane,was a Taxi,he,s sticking his hand out the window doing the royal wave.
    Who the hell is this person Im thinking.
    Then I remembered that Queen Lizzie was in town. :roses:
    So now where both waving,me and the cab driver,as we draw parallel level,apporoaching her motorcade from opposite directions.

    I tell not a word of a lie,she glances across,sees us doing the royal wave,gives us a wry smile,and turns away to her hubby as we roll on in opposite directions.
    The cab driver gives me a thumbs up,me and his passenger and the cabby where absolutely pissing ourselves. :rofl: because she actually acknowledge us and smiled and looked away with a "bloody convicts"type of smile.

    The 94yr old lady going for a spin at sth bank coffee couple weeks back is a classic of a good vibe our beloved machines create,we love them,they love us,the induce happy times in most who come into contact with them. :beer:
  17. Lanesplitting through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel on tuesday night. Traffic backed up and pretty much stationary. No idea why.

    Lanesplitting through it, every single car, _except_ for one cab, made room to let me through.

    Granted having the high beams on and termi's rattling in the tunnel even louder, prob helped :)
  18. Movin wins this thread :shock:
  19. When we're in the work truck we get heaps of kids looking and waving. The truck has a crane and we tow around a large wood chipper, so you give the kids a wave back, little boys love it. One day we were waiting in traffic and a bunch of kids were looking and pointing ( nothing out of the usual) then about 30 seconds later we smell smoke. The plastic battery box on the chipper had caught fire and flames were leaping off it.
  20. All bow to Movin! Your royal Movingness! LOL :cool: :grin:

    I know a guy who would have loved to :butt: Lizzie... prolly a bit hard on the bike!

    Yep the 94 yr old lady is definitely up there on the "something nice happend while on the bike" list. I'm still smiling about that!

    so... matti... did you get her number??? :?: