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The solution

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Two offices, a house, a car and a bike means I have quite a cluster... of keys:


    They've done quite the number on the ignition area of the old GSXF I'm selling:


    They'd started doing the same to the Bandit, which was pristine and perfect when I bought it:


    Fortunately, most of that polished out pretty easily:


    But really, a long term solution was needed. I took most of the keys off the ring and just used the bike key by itself, dropping it in my glove when I left the bike. But I almost lost it a few times that way.

    So there was really only one possible way to go for a big, black, Aussie muscle bike:

    Click to reveal
  2. Sir, my hat goes off to you :)

  3. :LOL: You've just given me a great idea .. thx mate
  4. Where is P.E.T.A. when you want them :LOL:

    I have a leather Suzuki key ring with only the bike key on it :)
  5. I have two key rings; the bike key with pannier and top box key and the other with car and house.

    When I had all the keys on the one ring I purchased sun glasses pouch (the cloth type with drawstring), cut it in half and stitched the cut end shut. Key ring through the drawstring and when riding only the ignition key was out.
  6. Sequel: The GSXF actually did clean up fairly well.

  7. yeah similar problem, untill recently, keys for 3 bikes, a car, 4 houses (and all window and security door keys included. this was messing up the top bridge on the storm pretty badly, so now the firestorm key lives in the bike jacket, havent lost it yet.
    the koala is uber cool btw :p :LOL:
  8. And Bravus presents to you...the new and improved "What key ring do you use" thread :LOL: I didn't see a fluffy koala in the last one...
  9. all i do is keep all me other keys for me car house letter box etc on a seperate key ring i keep in my ventura bag and just have me motorbike key seperate to easy
  10. lol nice :p
    my solution was to buy one of those miniature abseiling clamps.i just unhook the bike key from the d-clamp and hook it back up to the rest of the keys when i hop off.
    but the koala is sure to have a buffing effect when it moves about so maybe the key marks will dissapear in time :wink:
  11. I'm disappointed with the solution. I thought you were going to be a pic of a new bike! :twisted:
  12. An unbeareable problem, and a great solution :LOL:.
  13. Way more hardcore than this...

  14. You're kidding, right??

    You strung up an innocent little koala?
  15. I love it Bravus!!!

    My solution to the same problem: