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The Solo Man Controversy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. There's a debate raging on another forum I frequent regarding the Solo Man.
    The author claims that before the Solo Man there was the Pinto Man.
    I did a google search on Pinto Soft Drinks and found nothing although I do realise that just because it doesn't exist on google doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
    Can anyone remember anything?? Solo soft drinks started in 1973 so the Pinto Man would have been earlier.
    Personally I reckon it's either BS or he dreamed it one night but anyway someone out there may also remember something.
    Attached is the original thread.

    "G'day. I was drinking some Solo with ice yesterday (cos it was 40 degrees in Perth), and it got me thinking back. Originally there was the Pinto man in these ads and they were selling Pinto lemon soda and then they changed it to Solo. Anyone else remember this?"

  2. Here is my recollection.

    Pinto was the WA Solo as there was a Solo Drink Company that did home deliveries. From memory they had an ad campaign fronted by John K. Watts.

    Schweppes couldn't use Solo as it was taken so they chose Pinto. My first recollection of the Pinto man were from around 1973/4.
  3. Thanks DisgruntledDog, I'll pass that info on. Mucho appreciato.
  4. Marlboro man beat them by nearly 2 decades..
  5. Yeah, but the Solo Man is still with us. The Marlboro Man passed away from emphysema a while ago.
  6. Has he got the hole in his lower lip fixed yet?
    (where the drink dribbles out from)
  7. Yeah, but he's now got no teeth, weighs 250kg and has diabetes :D.