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The so called HART survey in HEALESVILLE- riders needed to speak to journos URGENT

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by smee, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. If anyone was pulled over and would like to have a journo speak to them about what happened over the weekend can they pm me their contact details and I will pass them on. Confidentiality is assured on my behalf but you will have to let the journo's know if you want to remain anonymous. Also mention the fact that it is affecting tourism as the constant harrassment of riders over things like fender eliminators etc are forcing riders to other areas.

  2. Re: The so called HART survey in Marysville- riders needed to speak to journos URGENT

    while we are at it time to vent, let them know what we are up against.
  3. no one?
  4. sorry mate if I had known I would've gone up there just to put my name forward
  5. I'd like some more information bro.
  6. As I said on the other thread, this was not HART. It was an initiative run by Roadsafe and Yarra Ranges Council.
  7. Heli is there any info availioble on this, Ive trawled their websites(and others) and found nothing as yet?
  8. As a 'past event', it is not listed on the YR website and I don't know that Roadsafe keep much on their website at the best of times!
  9. Nope nothing.
  10. Whoever it was why were the police corralling bikes for a survey by non police dudes?
  11. i am guessing the Police were there as they have the powers to intercept eg to direct the bikes off the road, and the Yarra Ranges and Roadsafe would not.
  12. so that the cops get a chance to book a bunch of riders for illegal stuff and have an excuse to do it
  13. For a SURVEY??????
  14. Thanks to those who passed on their details, hopefully you will get a phone call if this journo is smelling a story, who knows?
  15. ps let me know if you don't get a call I'll be on her case very quickly.
  16. damn this could have been my chance to get my mug on telly
  17. herald sun not telly
  18. I don't know what agreement the Council and police would have had but if there was a requirement for roadusers to be directed off the road then it would be a function of the Police.

    Did anyone actually bother to ask who was conducting the survey? what it was for ?
    You could have always said ....no !
  19. read the other thread Mick.