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The Snowies

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Makybe05, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Hey,
    I'm just looking for some advice on what roads to take in the Snowies region. I'm looking at taking a day trip from Wagga Wagga and would like to get out experience some twistys and some of Kosciusko National Park. Just wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions?

  2. Got back on Tuesday from this ride:


    too many to list.............Khancoban to Thredbo............Tumbarumba to Cooma..............Adaminaby to Khancoban..................the list is so long!!!

    Sweepers to Bright in Vic for a quick up and over twisties are a bit out of the way.

    Many, many quality sweepers throughou whole region, but getting pretty cold now so you would have to get a move along soon.

  3. Click for kick-arse ride
    2 or three days, depending on how well you go in the saddle.
    these are the best roads in that area for a tour.
  4. Plenty of threads on here about the Snowy region. If you can, make sure you include Elliot way - the view is absolutely stunning and the rd is a blast.

    The map Joel's posted above is a good route, however I'd turn off for Batlow - Tumbarumba and then head up Elliot way which will bring you back onto the Snowy mtn hwy / Kiandra then continue on your way around as per Joel's map. :)

    Further reading on snowies:


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  6. thanks everyone for the advice, getting some thermals next week, so im looking at taking the trip late next week hopefully.
  7. Keep a look out on the weather ,its been snowing already down there .
  8. I went up through the Snowies a few weeks back and made the mistake of plotting out a path.

    Don't make the same mistake, head out that way and just enjoy the ride. Find a map and see where it leads you on the day.
  9. take it easy and don't take it too hard if it is wet...
  10. Hey did you end up going? Do tell :grin: