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The Sky is Red

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Well, orange really. It was red 50 min ago. I'm speaking bright red, bright orange. I don't think I have seen a dust storm before. cool.

    I'm ready for the dismal grey when the sunrise finishes. Oh and coughing all day. sweet.

  2. Yep, great day ahead!! I looks really freaky outside doesn't it!
  3. I think a balaclava is in order on my way riding to school this morning.
  4. I told the kids I'd moved the house to Mars last night...
  5. Well rather than verbal bull dust it is used to Sydney is blanketed by the real thing today :butt:
  6. and who says there's nothing wrong with the environment. i mean land clearing etc is great for the country. how else are we going to get all that dust from the interior out near me at the beach?
  7. My sinuses hate this!
  8. We got it up here in Coff's too, Boss just rang to say since we work outside its an OHS issue, and to stay home today :cheeky:

    Spose now I got a good chance to go checking out this new software :D
  9. Today's dust storm = one filthy new K9 GSX-R 750

    OK so I rode up to Mt White this morning with a friend. It was a prearranged thing so I didn't want to bail, and I was glad I went, because it was an awesome ride through the red haze of dawn in the dust storm.

    However, I now have a really filthy 3 day old GSX-R 750 K9. Any advice beyond just a general good clean? I guess I need to clean the chain as well, but do I also need to worry about that superfine dust in the air filter? Also, is there a book around that details exactly how to do common tasks on this model bike, how to take the fairing off without damaging anything, etc.

    Last, does anyone know of a bike cleaning service where I can get all this done without having to clean the chain etc myself? I live in a unit so it's a bit of a hassle, I'd have to do it on the street or ride somewhere to find some grass. I know I wouldn't appreciate someone who cleaned a chain and left crap on the side of the road to contribute to the slick, or someone who left crap on the grass in some public area.
  10. unreal - seeing all the footage on the news! looks crazy
  11. I have Raining Blood from Slayer playing my head from the sky this morning....
  12. :eek:

  13. Outside the house this morning about 7:00

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  14. Re: Today's dust storm = one filthy new K9 GSX-R 750

    Just lay tonnes of newspaper down when you're cleaning the chain.

    I rode to work today and yeah, I'd definitely be looking to clean the air filter when I get a chance.
  15. ..I keep blowing red dust out of my nose!! EEuuuwwwwww!!!!! :sick:
  16. Definitely advisable to wear something to cover nose and mouth, I had a balaclava on and despite that, feeling very average now.
  17. Dust storm

    For those who are in NSW, I'm just wondering how the situation is for you all? I'm reading it on the news and the photos look like shots of the Mars landscape! :eek:

    Anyone out on the 'bike today, despite the conditions? For those who are, stay safe.
  18. Re: Dust storm

    I rode into work today, but now i'm wondering if all this dust is okay for the bike (besides needing a good clean) Anybody know if it could damage the bike ??

    Plus I'm hope it doesn't rain (that could be ugly) or hail
  19. I rode to work anyway. I was pretty dusty by the time I got to work.

    I will be cleaning my air filter next weekend.
  20. I was tempted to go out exploring in the dust today to see what I could see... but then I considered that it would be a bit of a problem for my air filter, lungs and chain.

    I woke up this morning at about 6:45 and my first thought was oh CRAP its a fire...

    I think its rather pretty actually :)