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The sixth sense

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 1WDrive, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Do you have it?
    Do you use it?
    Can you develop it?
    Is it a crock or is it common sense and experience combined to set a little alarm off in your head that says "extra caution required here"?

    I noticed a LED signboard on an overpass on the SE freeway on the way into Brisbane that said "Develop your sixth sense" It had more but I was in traffic concentrating on what was going on around me. It had a rather large bike and rider picture in it, so there was no mistake it is aimed at bike riders.
    Maybe they've given up on car drivers looking out for bikes and now putting the onus on the bike rider.
  2. It's from Mick Doohan's new motorbike show. There's a video where he talks about it.
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  4. 6th sense is a crock. Well for me anyway. What I find is that I have increased awareness and knowledge of the dangers to look for using my 5 senses.

    For instance, without thinking I've covered the brakes before I've even seen a car appear at a sidestreet. And of course, they don't stop and simply pull out infront of me. No issue though as I've got the brakes covered and am already off the throttle. It's just an automatic response to the situation, I identified the poor visibility of the sidestreet due to parked cars and summed up the situation based on previous experience.

    As they say - you have a full bucket of luck, and an empty bucket of experience when you start. The trick is to flll the bucket of experience before the bucket of luck runs out.
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  6. It's a series of government sponsored training segments. They are releasing them one by one. I think there's 4.
  7. There are four on YouTube now
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  8. I know that's what he is saying, it's what every experienced rider says. But it's simply "awareness". I don't agree with the label of "sixth sense", like it's some kind of magic ability.
  9. There's 5 in total on the Qld Transport and Main Roads Facebook pages. They are good.
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  11. Point taken. Nothing "magic" about it. It's a bit like the old saying "the harder I work, the luckier I become"

    I'm still working on it!! But Mick gives some good pointers. Common sense from an uncommonly talented rider[/QUOTE]
  12. I think I have an ability to read a situation and identify road users who have bad skills or are about to do something stupid, like drift between lanes or stop suddenly. maybe this is more about subconsciously making observations that are good indicators of imminent poor behaviours, maybe it's a sixth sense. either way I know this 'ability' has saved me many times. I think it's just something that you develop from spending time on the road and I believe motorcyclists are more likely to develop it than other road users as we need to have more advanced powers of observation and analysis.

    I'm not sure what it's called, perception, intuition, sixth sense, but as long as it keeps us safe then it's all good.
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  13. The first sensible, informative and most importantly; relatable piece of road safety propaganda I have ever seen.
    Big ups to the creators of this campaign.

    It may just save a life or two.
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  14. To me its about not repeating mistakes, but that only happens after years and years of making mistakes. I couldn't fault the vids,not to much preachy shit. I also like to watch and read about others real life situations I see here. I am also completely open to learn. Your never to old.
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  15. Mick Doohan eh? - heard of him. Guess I need to watch more TV
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  16. If there is one thing I've learnt over the past few days is that the smallest distraction can lead to bad things. I will certainly be honing my observation skills up a notch once I'm back on the bike.
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  17. sometimes things just jump out at you. we can't always control a dynamic environment.
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  18. GeorgeOGeorgeO mentioned it and you touched upon it when describing your incident and I've noticed it to when I'm leading. Being over 'observant' about the rider/riders following you and I'd agree with GeorgeOGeorgeO my riding suffers in that my corner lines turn to crap for one and other silly errors creep in also.
    I think uncle greguncle greg put it best by saying just worry about what's going on in front of you.
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  19. Yup, the more I go over the incident (sorry to derail the thread), the more I realise I was looking every where but ahead at that particular moment. Sure the sun in my mirrors didn't help and I'm positive she didn't have any sort of indicator/brake lights on but in the end it was my distraction that led me to hitting her.