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The silent speak up

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by xvs650beast, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. G'Day all
    apparently i was being a bit pushy, posting an add for my bike on here..
    i've been been a member for over 12months, but usualy, just come in for a look... i'm a bit shy when i comes to posting.. actually, i didn't relise just how much, anyway i'll be taking a more active approch in the months to come.. i usually hang about the two wheels forum a bit.. it seem blokes on cruisers tend to be on the outer a bit around these forums. but hey,my 650 yamy has been great for myself to learn on... being 6'4" and pushing 140 but little 250s don't realy cut it. Anyway i'm de restriced come feburay and i pick up my new GSX-1400 so i'll be looking forward to hooking up with a few of you. I'm located on the central coast, so i used to frequent to road warriors a bit, but i can't handel the 60km limit now, so wolombi is more my style..
    anyway take care out there

  2. As the old song says, "Stay close by, visit often". Good to have you posting, and sharing your experiences :)

    Actually we have a lot of cruiser riders on the forum, more all the time as a matter of fact!
  3. +1 ^what he said :grin:
  4. oh good to hear....
    some times there is a bit of a sports bike vs cruiser mentalty
    personaly i think there all bikes and thats why we ride 'em

    i don't mind the cruiser but i'm itching for a little more ground clearance, you don't have to be doin much befor you dragin' the footboards and looking like a maniac with showers of sparks goin left right and center.
  5. Hello there and good to hear from you.

    I hear ya. I really liked the idea of a cruiser and have enjoyed riding mine for the last year even if it is only the XV250. But I think my next bike will be a sports bike. I've already worn away half the foot pegs on my bike and i'm no racer.

  6. Welcome Beasty :)
    As long as you're on a bike you're welcome here. Of course, we all have our preferences :wink:
  7. i'm all for cruisers......being short makes them easier particularly for a newbie like me. i love my xv250 - even when it decides to lie down on top of me in the middle of the road :LOL:
  8. Hi beast,
    I had a real large debate recently with myself about cruiser or 'sports' and ended up with a ZZR250 for my first bike. I love it but could see myself cruising one day. I guess when I am off restrictions and ready to move on I will do it all again.
    Karl :?