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N/A | National The shoe is on the other foot

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Viscera99, May 5, 2012.

  1. A week old I know but just found this:

    Given the perversions of justice that seem so prevalent whenever cop vs motorcyclist, anyone want to bet on the number of charges that are going to stick to the idiot driving this car?

  2. The driver is Lucky they dont do Capital punishment these days,

    Minimum of 4 charges, He is a cop motor cyclist, Not one of us, Different rules for them,

    Good Piccy as well,
  3. Agree.
    They won't throw the book at the driver,,,They'll throw the whole library!!
    (coz they hit a cop!)
  4. Thanks, I just drowned my Key Board and my Monitor, =D>=D>=D>

    Ill bet speeding was present, even if the cop said he was stationary.

    We would be accused of speeding if it happened to us, Or maybe Careless Riding if in NSW,

    Dropping a bike in NSW is a Careless Riding Charge, Correct me if I am wrong,
  5. Seems a cop farting in ones general direction in NSW is a careless driving/riding charge.
    But if the driver gets wrung out, maybe it will help our cases, setting a new "standard" that we can compare to.
  6. Now let's just change one thing if the driver was traveling at 60 and not 68 the outcome would be very different .. Oh sorry wrong state
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  7. Look at how they set up a whole dramatic CSI scene when it is one of their own.
  8. Perhaps we can use this to promote filtering to be properly defined and legalised?
  9. They're saying the cop was stopped (waiting to turn) when he was hit from behind.
    Obviosly the driver was looking to the left to see for other cars comming.
    Classic S M I D S Y !!
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  10. See, if this was in Victoria a speed camera would have prevented it from happening.

  11. It's obvious the cop was speeding then since the driver failed to see him.
  12. Nice find Viscera thanks for the share.

    Can our internet sleuths find any more articles or reports about this?
  13. Oh look the hi viz helped avoid the SMIDSY... oh wait...

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. I just hope for the cops sake that the bike didn't get recently serviced or have new tires or it could be argued that it's "over-maintained" and we all know how that story goes...
  15. I hope there were some cupcakes in the car ...