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The Shadowfax Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rc36, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. My accident in October 2010 did more than do serious damage to my body. It also robbed me of my passionate interest in motorcycling. Well-meaning friends and acquaintances brought me motorcycle books and magazines to read and I couldn't even open them. It was the weirdest thing. It was like a tap had been turned off.

    It took months before I stopped cringing whenever I saw someone riding on the road, through the traffic, even though I knew they were not doing anything stupid and were not in any danger.

    Then, in May, as boredom was well and truly setting in, my wonderful wife, in one of her usual displays of common sense, said to me, "Why don't you try and restore that old bike out the back?"

    The "bike out the back" was the Shadowfax Kawasaki (or it was at one stage - now it was a rolling frame and boxes of bits) It had been gifted to me by the original owner in 1995 as he no longer had the space to store it (it was a non-runner by that stage). It was, as he said, "You appreciate its history, but, if you can't take it, it's going to the tip."

    So it sat under some tarps in my various sheds since then. Until my wife sparked what has become a frenzy of restoration and a project that has become bigger than Ben Hur.

    Here is the bike as it was, on the grid for the Coca Cola 800 endurance race, February 1981.


    Rather than re-invnet the wheel, I direct you to my site where I have documented the process since that day in May.


    I also have an album of a couple of hundred photos of the job so far on my Facebook page which you can view even if you are not a Facebook user.


    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy reading about the restoration as much as I am enjoying doing it. Needless to say, it has re-kindled my passion for motorcycling and I can't wait to see it finished and running again.
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  2. Wow - fantastic project you have there ,and what a great bike with history to restore.

    BTW - Shadowfax was Gandalf's amazingly fast horse in Lord of the Rings, so it is a good name for a bike.
  3. So you're Hornets' brother?
  4. yes he is :)
  5. Yes, maduncle, the guys who built the bike originally were all LoR tragics so the name was chosen for exactly that reason, as the bike was built as an endurance racer. Yes, Gurb, I'm sad to have to admit that Hornet is my brother, but I got all the talent and charm!
  6. Oh that's good, I was freaking out because you both posted the same pic of the bike and I was like OMG WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!
  7. More progress to report today.

    The pillion footpeg hangers that the bike had when I got it were not original. They had been added after the bike's racing history was over and Kent was using the bike as a road bike. So...they had to go. This is called "adding lightness"


    I also went to the local automotive paint people today, with said hanger in hand and they made me up a custom can of pain that exactly matches the frame colour so that I can touch up any nicks on the frame and paint over the place where the footpeg hangers were removed. $32, bargain.

    AND, huge news. Today I picked up the swingarm from Chris Dowde's. He is just making up the spacers for it and will have that done by the time the swingarm returns from the sand blasters/powder coaters, early next week.


    You can see the new arm that Chris made in this shot.


    This shot shows ho the arm has been offset to avoid having it being chewed up by the chain which is what brought the other one unstuck.

    Brakes are now with Gary Rooke at Oak Flats Motorcycles for a refurbish and replacement of all old and tired parts. When they come back I will respray the calipers shiny black and that will be another step forward.

    We're getting so much closer.
  8. Good on ya rc36. Thats a very noble gesture to return an old warrior to the field. Good luck with getting it all done by next month.

    Along with the Ducati gearbox shims that Kent used in the gearbox, I think the original rear shocks were ex Ducati Darmah as well. I believe they were actually specific to the SSD Darmah, so probably a little bit rare so dont bin them will you!