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The Secret truth of Helmet Locks.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Funkmonkey, May 7, 2012.

  1. They arent for shopping.


  2. Hahahaha
  3. Actually, with a Coles green reusable bag, that might have worked..
  4. Looks fine, how hungry are you?

    Was also going to lead with "something something eat rubber" but I couldn't think of anything better....
  5. hahaha, niiiiiice
  6. if you plan on hanging stuff on your handle bars, make sure it's not something like milk...and when you take the corner, not to lean far enough for the bag to scrape the tarmac...or else you have spilled milk all over the road...
  7. Just don't cry about it. It's no use.
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  8. Bagel anyone?
  9. remind me of the time i duct taped a pizza to my petrol tank to get it home.
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  10. Whoa, I got nods for that one?? You guys must be dads.
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  11. No, I just found it rather funny haha...and I didn't cry...I fed a whole suburb of cats.
  12. On the up side, it looks like your bike has a handy storage compartment just in front of the rear wheel. What more do you want????
  13. I did something similarly tricky involving a milk crate and occy straps......

    The crate and the six pack of bundy survived (even if i had to chase em down the hill and wait to drink them)the occy didn't when i hit a pot hole mid corner and touched it to the tyre.....
  14. Bahaha, that's soo much win.
  15. My other piece of advice is ditch the arrowmax and get a real tyre on.
  16. I tried something similar with a game DVD once, bottom of the bag gave out. Went back up the road looking for it and picked it up from the gutter. Never found the case. Disc was scratched to hell but worked perfectly.
  17. i normal just put things down the front of my jacket and not a good idea to have a 10kg bag of patoes hanging off the handle bars either