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The search begins again!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by enigma--, May 8, 2013.

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    So, here I am looking for a bike again, so soon after the last one! At the start of Febuary, I had just gotten back from an overseas trip and promptly bought a cbr 954 to replace the sv650s I had sold prior to leaving!

    I got about 2000kms in on it before this happened!

    That bike is a repairable write off sitting in my garage, but I think it will be going to the track. A bit big perhaps, but cheap! I am now starting research for my next bike, albeit being unable to actually go and test right for perhaps another 4 weeks!

    I do a lot of reading on the internuts, so I am here basically to chase as many opinions as I can on where I should go!

    I want either a naked, or a sports tourer. Now I will have a tracky, this bike will presumably never see a track, whereas I had bought the 954 as a compromise bike. I know the 954 was a pretty comfy supersport, but now I do not want a sportsbike!

    Requirements are pretty much: Comfy, reasonably capable in the twisty stuff, pillion friendly. At the moment it wouldn’t have to do commuting duties, but I am looking into doing something different next year so it may take on that role! I also like to do a few overnighters each year (not many :( )\

    Idiot - forgot BUDGET! Max is $7000. I just lost my job and due to my collarbone can't look for anything yet... so it's capped for the time being!

    I have a few bikes in mind, but I would love to hear from NR what they think would fit the bill! If I think of anything else, I will add it in!

  2. What's your budget?
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  3. Damn, just realised I forgot the most important part! Haha!

    Editing post now!
  4. VTR1000F (maybe VFR) ? Pretty much in your budget even cheaper, willing for twisties, the comfiest amongst the supersports. I commute on it 40-80 km a day, no dramas so far. Just can't imagine what bike I would get next, too love it.
  5. Obviously ride as many as you can and you will find the right bike for you.
    I have a soft spot for the FZ1. Test ride the old ( Pre 06) and new (Post 06) model.
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  6. I also forgot to add no Hondas! We don't have a good history together! The fz1 is definately on the test ride list!
  7. fz1 for up to $7000 I doubt it will be trouble free with low mileage.
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    Lots of negativity there kyp but not one alternative!
    Tell us what type of bike fits the brief and is a low klm bike for under $7K and where did the OP say it must be a low klm bike anyway? As for trouble free, well that depends on how well it was maintained.

    Another suggestion, Triumph Sprint RS. Underated, everyone bought the sprint ST instead but these are a good thing. There's a really nice, one owner on fleabay at the moment actually.
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  9. Whilst I realise that all the fz's up at the moment are over 7, I reckon most are pretty overpriced. I was watching bike prices at the end of last year, they shot up for summer, and have yet to come down. I am in no rush to buy, as hard as that is to say! I am still healing up!

    Craig, thanks for the tip! I reckon the STs will come down to about 7 (they were there before xmas), perhaps I will check out the older version as well!

    For what it's worth, here's the potential list I sort of had in mind: Bandit 1250s, Fz1s/n, sprint st, zthou, z750, sv thou.

    I just want to hear from anyone who has one of these bigger nakeds, and 'big bore' sport tourers! As a 22 year old getting on some of these, I am anticipating a few funny looks!
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    Mate I bought an 03 FZ1 new in 03 as a 30YO and people thought I was strange riding an old mans bike then! LOL
    I put 80,000klm on it with not one issue, just regular servicing most of which I performed myself. Still had the original bettery when I moved it on 09. These are very reliable. Valve clearances only need to be checked every 40,000klm.
    We used to do quite a bit of two up on it with no issues, other than the fact that the suspension is too soft for one let alone two. Had this fixed by fitting a Penske rear shock and forks resprung/ revalved which stiffened it up really nicely. This was addressed in the newer 06+ model. Ride both as I said. Very different bikes but in the same vein.
    Otherwise a very good, but largely underated bike and it has a great dedicated forum ( FZ1OA) for anything you could possibly want to know too.

    I'm with you on the overpriced comment too. You could pick up a good low klm bike in your price range for no problems if the buyer is actually motivated to sell and not dreaming.
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  11. I haven't been negative, just sceptical given the current market. If you have fortune you can pick up a very good bike for a low price, but that's again fortune. FZ1 is a very good bike, but not in the price range. Bandit probably would be easier to find for such a price, very nice bike. I almost bought one brand new for $10 grand but came across with my current one.

    Consider SV650/1000 as well, pretty good bikes, I love V-Twins :)
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  12. +1 on the V twin kyp.
    Ideal configuration for a road bike.
  13. Speed Trip 955i (or ST or RS), SV1000, might find a Z1000 at a stretch.
  14. Thanks mate! I will be keeping an eye on them and prices for the next little while! Least I can't ride for a while so I won't be tempted! That last line is a good one! I see the same bikes on there week after week, I have recently sold two bikes and it's quite hard at the moment!

    Thanks mate! Had the 650 for about 2 and a half years, felt like I was working it to hard thus the upgrade! Have my eyes on the thous, same problem though, 8 year old bike and people still want 7.5k ! Haha!
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    Exactly mate. It is a very hard market at the moment. A bike like an FZ1 or an SV1000 isn't overly popular even when bikes are moving and to move it you need to be motivated to sell or you will still have it in 12 months time.

    Generally, there is often a big discrepancy between what a bike is worth and what an owner believes it is worth. Some guys are just trying it on. They are kinda wanting to sell so they can move onto something else, but aren't too fazed if it doesn't. People see the prices on bikesales and believe that's what bike A is worth, when really it isn't as that's not the price it will sell for.

    Others honestly believe that the bike is worth more than it actually is, possibly because they just don't know or understand the market, or sometimes because they actually believe that all of the extra time and funds that they have sunk into the bike in terms of mods, etc, makes it worth more than a stock standard bike by the same dollar value that they have spent on mods.

    You just have to weed out the guys who are dreaming from the ones who actually really want to sell and then make an offer that suits you. Not a ridiculous low ball offer, just a fair one. They can only say no. Its only worth what someone is willing to pay and if its been on the market for 6 months then its obvious it isn't worth the asking price. They are either willing to wait until some numpty pays over the odds, or need to meet the market to move it!
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  16. Thank you again, sir! It's a hard market at the moment but some are just not keen to sell, haha. Damn this constant bike browsing... Maybe I could live with a sporty again...
  17. I know its out of your budget, but just buy a super duke and be done with it!LOL
  18. Haha. I would be stretching my budget if I had a job :(
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  19. yeah do this, i know a guy who has one and loves it ;) if he could keep back tyres on the thing..

    early fz1's are a fair weapon, i would suggest reading up on them. my dad had one back in 01 and i still remember being on the back of it with the front wheel way up in the sky!

    what about this..


    hey last forever and have alot of straight line pace. would leave the above mentioned superduke in the dust..

    if i had to get a bike to do it all and not spend the earth i'd end up on a carby fz1.

    dad also tells me that they are handy on gravel roads even at 180 on the speedo. the things you do to get away i guess..