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The Scooter Shooter

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smileedude, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/world/fear-of...precise-fourday-intervals-20120320-1vge3.html

    I want to start by saying this guy is a horrible bastard and I hope that they catch him quickly.

    However, the reason I'm starting this thread is that this little bastard stole the idea for a book I had! Although I had no intention to write it.

    My idea was a serial killer who targets scooter riders with a sniper rifle. The police would be baffled by his motives and come up with all sorts of theories. But the real motives were simply that the name "Scooter Shooter" would be catchy and gain world wide media attention and as a serial killer the attention is what he craved. I'd already developed my main characters, including the clever detective who works out his motives. And I must admit I spend far too much time thinking about 'cover' when I'm riding my scooter.

    I'm a little annoyed that I can't write my book now but far more scared that my ideas are the same as a serial killer. I'm wondering if this is enough reason to go visit a psychotherapist.

    I want to call up the French police and tell them his motives although I don't think they would much care about the theories of some dude in Australia.

  2. maybe if you spoke to poirot personally instead of any old french cop you might get somewhere?
  3. Hmmm, treading a slippery slope on this one Smilee.
    But it reminds me of a story, so it's all good...

    I happened to be in Denver, Colorado on business at the same time the sniper was shooting people at servos there, from the boot of his car.
    Being a milingtary man myself, I remarked that I could only respect his execution (no pun intended) of the "task", regardless of my opinion of his choice of targets...

    You know in the movies when everything just stops dead and there's total silence and blank stares all round? I could hear the dog breathing in the next room...
    I managed to explain I wasn't condoning his actions at all, but it seriously ended any chance I had of screwing his wife while he watched that night...
  4. Yes I am, and mods feel free to lock this if you deem this is making far too light of a serious situation.

    But the motives of this are a mystery and I don't think my thoughts are entirely silly.
  5. Given the ethnic origins of the victims and France's plethora of far right groups, I don't think there's much of a mystery at all. The only startling aspect is that the perpetrator seems to be rather more competent than the average fuckwit skinhead might be expected to be.
  6. Most probable motive, yes. But he could have also targeted minorities so that police are looking for people with extreme racist views and he can carry on his terror for longer. Seeking fame is not that unlikely a motive for serial killers.
  7. I wonder if this'll affect the "OMG!!! We could be eating halal meat without knowing!!!!" approach to the presidential campaign?

    I don't consider myself a skinhead (though I did shave my head about an hour ago :p), but I would like to speak up on that wording. Actual, proper skins can trace their lineage back to mods who were into Jamaican music. So calling racists "skinheads" does a disservice to a group of people who certainly aren't. I've simplified things massively, but it'll do.[/offtopic ramble]
  8. Fair comment and, as a child of early 80s Britain, I'm aware of this. However, based on personal experience and observation over many years, the ratio of those you refer to as "actual, proper skins" to clueless neo-nazi wannabes appears so small as to render the generalisation valid. Or maybe Bristol was just full of wankers. A possibility I wouldn't entirely rule out :D.

    I do, however apologise for any offense caused to the statistical anomalies :wink:.
  9. Huh? Well taht's news to me. Eeeenteresting. *goes to read up on them*
  10. Figured you'd probably know the difference, but I know other's don't. And yeah, racists shaven heads well outnumber skinheads these days. Although, as I understand it, the working class nature of the subculture did mean that many of its members were attracted to the far right during the British eighties (this is also the origin of the "Paki bashing" association from earlier decades -- it's something working class boys did, and skins were by and large young working class men...), so that may have contributed to your experiences.

    Going on a further tangent, This Is England is a very good (fictional) movie covering exactly that; skinheads in the eighties and the influence of groups like the National Front.

    P.S. I believe (some) skins refer to the neo-nazis as "boneheads", which you have to admit is more fitting.
  11. IIRC, wasn't the Mossad supposedly doing something like this over in Iran not long ago. Except they used bombs, and were after nuclear scientists...
  12. :ROFLMAO:

    Yes, I like that. I like it a lot.