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The Scooter of Bling

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Loz, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. I saw it parked on Swanston the other day; a Vespa with (and I'm not kidding) ten chrome rearview mirrors and ten chrome headlights, all arranged symetrically on a custom made chrome frame. Bling central.

    It looked like an absolute spaceship. I took some pictures of it, but only with my cameraphone, so they're too crap to bother posting.

    Anyone else seen it around? It looks hilarious... But you'd have to say the visibility from the cockpit would be pretty bloody comprehensive.
  2. Actually, the cameraphone photo isn't too bad, if anyone's got the capacity to post a jpg off a Nokia phone, I'll MMS it to you to post up. PM me your phone number.
  3. Sounds like something from the English Mod tradition of the early 60's. That was all the rage back then to put mirrors and lights everywhere (I don't know how the 6 volt electrics on the old Vespas managed to power them... :LOL: ). It never really took off in this country but the film Quadrophenia (produced by The Who) defines the period pretty well. :?

    (good example at http://www.chaney.i12.com/vespasprint.htm )

    There's a hand sprayed gold Vespa around Melbourne that has something similar but with lots of plastic ornaments etc stuck all over it as well (before it was sprayed). :roll:

  4. Was it that weird pearl/white colour?

    If so it used to be around Swinburne and Box Hill a lot.
  5. Something like this?


    As I was only 2 days old, Mum and Dad wouldn't let me go to the Battle of Margate. So all I can do now is impotently wave my arms and shout


    There that feels better.
  6. Black actually. Trying to post pic now, having server issues.
  7. That SR500 obviously belongs to a Rocker wannabe - right down to the custom bolt-on oil leak :LOL:
  8. Wow, so this is a *common* thing to do?

    How bizarre, how bizarre.

    Still, gave me a chuckle.
  9. "you're all individuals"
    "i'm not"
  10. For some reason it is/was peculiarly English...
    :LOL: :LOL:

    The gold Vespa (usually on show at the Festival of Italian Motorcycling on the Museum Forecourt) is actually Italian - it's slightly more bizarre than the English versions...
  11. Not common these days, but it was a trademark of the Mods. Get a copy of the movie "Quadrophenia" (The Who - before the CSI theme music made them famous :cry: )
  12. Tommy?
  13. HEY PETE, isnt that youer bike parked outside the gay bar!!!!!

    did ya pick up
  14. Saw it on your way out of there did you?

  15. It is a Vespa PX200? British Racing Green?

    I know him, he is in the scooter group. People always take photos when they walk pass.
  16. hey tonye

    i tried to park there, but you have the VIP spot.

    anywho, dosnt matter, see you at the pink ribbon

  17. It's not a Black, it's British Racing Green, actually the owner originially from UK.
  18. No

    it must have been Brian outside the bar - I've been riding the Spada lately :LOL: :LOL: