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The Science of Siblings, or how your brothers and sisters shape your life.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Found this TED talk by Jeffery Kluger on Siblings. Definitely worth a look if you have Brothers, Sisters, Sons or Daughters. I think I might go and ring mine after watching his talk. :)

    TED:The Sibling Bond
  2. I didn't watch the clip but the mrs is studying Psychotherapy at the moment so I constantly have her in my ear saying I bet that person is the youngest of brothers etc.

    It is interesting stuff.
  3. No doubt that where we are born in the family shapes who we are. Certain cultures even entrench it into their names. When in Bali I was surprised to hear the term Wayan used with many peoples names. On enquiry it means First Born and was a matter of some pride. Others sheepishly admitted to being Made or second born.

    I speak as a Wayan ;)
  4. There's heaps of factors involved, from the family position of your parents and there parents etc.

    E.g. First borns are supposed to be high achievers, so if your father was a first born he rubs off the high achieving on to you and if you are a first born you have the high achieving quality. So you get the high achieving quality x 2.

    Same goes for what siblings you have, a youngest brother of sisters will get spoilt and waitered on hand in foot, so when he finds a partner, for a perfect match she will need to be an older sister of brother/s so that she is used to waiting on a bloke.

    (the mrs is the one that's doing the degree but since she tells me all about it I feel as though I've done it myself, bar the assesments lol)
  5. I can tell you first hand this is the biggest bit of BS that has ever been posted on the whole of the internet ever.

    Where does this even get started. Far too much time for lame brains. People actually study this?
  6. ^ says the 'middle child' lol!
  7. If you want references let me know.
  8. Middle children like to please, so I'm calling only child lol.
  9. I'm the youngest of 3, one older brother, one older sister... and we were all treated as equals... as for high achieving, my brother is a qualified baker , my sister a nurse and at 20 i am a qualified chef..

    i'm unemployed at the moment, just left a job after 2 years... looking at moving into patisserie. (My passion)
    so .. i don't see any differences between the three of us.

    This crap about the oldest being the best and whatever is a load of bullshit.
  10. No one said best, just naturally high achieving. No one said that a youngest or middle can't achieve. I'm saying this as a youngest of three brothers.
  11. The signifigance of the birth order is a tad more than just idle conjecture.
  12. This isn't predestination just broad averages we are talking here. Parents will treat their first born differently to later children they must. Every parent will or should learn from their successes and failures as a parent and that will shape how they parent later siblings. That parenting shapes how we turn out

    In any case my original intent when I posted this Vid was not to get into an argument over your birth position verses temperament but more to say value your siblings they are a relationship that is unlike any other and to be cherished.

    If you are estranged from your siblings then make an effort to talk to them. As the TED speaker said "Life is short, finite and plays for keeps, siblings may be amongst the richest harvests of the time we have here"
  13. I can attest to a lot of this sort of thing, being the eldest of three brothers. As the oldest, I've worked the hardest (in terms of chores and jobs for the family) than my brothers, and I'm also the most authoritarian of the three. The middle brother is a trouble maker, always rebelling against my parents and myself, refusing to help out and the like (also refuses to get a job despite being 20, though he does go to school again now). Mum and dad never really punished him or scolded him, worried that they'd been too hard on me the first time around. The youngest brother is quite soft, having been doted on by the rest of us. We do get him to run around for us fetching drinks and things, but he's had it the easiest. I've seen these three brother dynamics in a lot of other families too, The Authoritarian/The Rebel/The Baby
  14. fanciful tripe; I'm an identical twin :LOL:
  15. Which one was born first Hornet ;)
  16. I'm a first born and I have to agree with being a high achiever...I got my knee down at my first track day! The other siblings can't do that.

    See now this thread is motorcycle related....lol.
  17. Just to pull you eldest siblings back down to reality.

    Other qualities you get are being anal, controlling, difficult to accept constructive criticism or to admit when you're wrong, often appear arrogant when they are actually seeking reassurance, they are more likely in their family to experience jealousy and express anger (in other words you're a c*nt), eldest children find it difficult to make friends.

    Just to make a few general points.

    Now back on topic, if you have a brother, go see him today and give him a kidney jab for old times sake.
  18. So what's the go with siblings born with a large age gap between them? I am the third of four children, but there is 19 and 21 years between me and my two older siblings.
  19. It is most likely that you will have qualities towards youngest spectrum. It also depends on what your same sex parent is (as in youngest or eldest).

    There are many other factors that can influence the traits of sibling position.
  20. Both my parents were eldest children. Interestingly, from the limited reading I have done on the subject, I seem to have qualities towards the eldest end of the spectrum.