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The scariest splitting I've ever seen

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Siwagod, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. ^
    What 99% of the population thinks all motorcyclists do.. they will probably believe this is footage from the filtering trial currently underway in Sydney
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  2. They are effectively pod racing. As much as I do not condone it, and never will, I do wonder at the calculations their eyes and brains are making per second to be able to get through these spots without clipping.

    Utter idiots and I'd hate to ever ride with them, but on a purely psychological view, it is interesting to think of how they function during these scenarios compared to the average person.
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  3. Completely agree.
  4. Stick the kettle on, i'll be home in a minute luv!

    Can't believe how much my heart rate increased watching that.
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  5. Whaddya mean? Wasn't he just riding home from work....that's how I do it.....LOL

    Kobo :cool:
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  6. 10% skill 90% luck
  7. So nuts I can only watch it with one eye
  8. Just WOW, forgetting all the ramifications, the reflexes are breathtaking.
  9. he's good but not that good, the music finished a long time before he did.
  10. wrong
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  11. Cant't believe it's being brought up again and again. This vid is already 3 yrs old.

    But yeah, my heartbeat still goes nuts watching this.
  12. It's not old if you havn't seen it.
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  13. i think this guy might be pushing his luck a bit.

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  14. The Russian guy so far has seemed the most in control. That guy on the CBR, feels like he's right on the edge of his limits. Quite a few places where he doesn't seem sure of himself. Russian dude however just ploughs ahead.
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  15. the one that inspired them all

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  16. Wow visibility is so poor in that I'd be crawling I think :p
  17. sweet baby cheesus.
  18. like x 3.....nod, nod, nod..Thats why I own the bike I do. I play the game of catch me if you can....daily. Its all about thrills and spills...and getting there is a bonus.