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NSW The Save the Tex and Bundy Petition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fasteddie, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Those that are familiar with Tex and Bundy, will know that Tex is a gentleman and would not intentionally harm his dog. Bundy loves riding on the tank and is completely safe. All the children adore them and much needed funds are raised by them for many charities.

    Moves are afoot to ban Bundy from riding on the tank. Tex's partner, Jenn, has arranged an online petition seeking support to make an exemption to allow Bundy to ride. That petition can be found at:


    Please sign/complete the online petition and pass on to as many friends/forums as possible.

    Tex, Jenn and Bundy deserve your support.

    Some pics of them from last years bike show are at:


  2. Signed it for Tex n Bundy!
  3. hate to tell you this but changes to the australian road rules became effective this week banning animals from riding on tanks...
    i think it might be too late already
    i can get a link if you need it
  4. The thing is it was all done without consulatation with interested parties.
  5. i know that, but in your first post you say 'moves are afoot' as if it's not law yet
    but it IS law.
    same as the law that you have to be over 8 yrs old to be a pillion - came effectve this week

    here's a link to all the new 99 road rules:
  6. OK, I stand corrected. Just trying to help them.

  7. If this change in law is going ahead, my concern is we may also see the same attitude change towards dogs in the back of utes :cry:
  8. Pets belong at home, with regards bikes or utes. Full stop. Pets are not children or man's equal.
  9. Egelett, bit busy rushing to work etc and correct me if I am wrong, but that Law change is a SA law as opposed to a National Law. There must be a window of opportunity to make other states see reason. Appreciate your input.
  10. as far as I'm aware, its a change to the Australian Road Rules, not just SA road rules.

    however I could be wrong. I might call transport SA today and ask

    Mr Ignorant - it's already against the law to have a dog unsecured in a vehicle. you can have a dog in a ute provided it's restrained. same as in cars, all animals must be restrained.

    I know you're trying to help fasteddie, tex is a top bloke.
  11. Paul, are u for real, think of all the working dogs out there, Farm dogs, guide dogs, Assistance dogs (of which Bundy is one) etc etc!.
    U have obviously never seen a kid in hospital on his/her death bed getting chemo' treatment, no hope, haven't smiled in weeks/months and Tex & Bundy walk in and that kids face just lights up, all of a sudden that child has hope. We couldn't do that if Bundy travelled by car, sorry, by foot!.

    Edgelett, Yes, it is a sorry day when the rest of the states want to follow, the rule is a national rule under Aust' Road Rules and the States can pick or choose. However we are talking to the Federal Roads Minister as well. This Law was passed in Parliment at 2am in May last year to come into effect July 08 in NSW. A perfect example of Pollies and Bureaucrats walking over the top of the general public without consulting those who know. We will not give up the fight.

    Tex & Bundy

    ps. please sign the petition, thanks.

    PPS. In NSW, Dogs must be restrained if they are in the back of a ute or on a table top vehicle, they must not ride on a drivers lap but they DON'T need to be restrained inside a vehicle! wtf.
  12. never met my now 'ex' girlfriend did you paul.. maybe the new laws aren't a bad thing. anyway im signed up.
  13. after spending many months in chemo myself and seeing what hell actually looks like this reason alone is enough to let Bundy ride on.

    go forth Tex and stick it to them.
  14. Done... stick it to em Tex :twisted:
  15. ah that clears it up then thanks mate
    i wasnt' trying to be nasty I was trying to explain 'ah guys it's already law'


    here in SA, dogs must be restrained by either a) a restraint such as a seatbel or b) a cargo barrier inside a vehicle, or by a restraint on the back of a ute
    seems the rule in NSW is a bit odd to me...
  16. My dog goes in my ute all the time, she loves it, plus it amuses me watching her on the back :D.
  17. WTF?

    Some pets I know are waaaaayyyy better than some people I know.
    Leaving aside "working" animals, most dogs adore being out with the boss for a drive.
  18. anyone else here recall the song 'dogs are the best people' by The Fauves. been singing it all day after the last few posts. working dogs should be allowed the freedom of utes, bikes and so on. a pet (if you could call it that) is the type of p_ssweak thing that paris hilton would have in her handbag.
  19. signed up and wishing Tex and the dawg many more happy k's. Feel like polishing up my dolphins and ramming them up someones jacksie at the moment from having to deal with the absurdity that is our countries legislative assemblies, pack of high handed arseholes pandering to the whims of people pushing their little minority barrow

    ("But someone has to do the thinking for the hoi polloi , daaahlings, cant leave it up to them, can we now")
  20. What, you mean ego-trippers who want to carry dogs on bikes, that sort of minority???