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The Samaritan

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Danhendo888, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. You've finished yet another busy day at work. It's a friday.
    You ride home looking forward to a hot plate of dinner and some late-night TV and of course, much needed rest.
    After managing the usual soon to be weekend traffic, you make your way down to the secure underground carpark of your apartment and find your usual spot, a visitors parking space.
    As usual, its pretty quiet down here, people have already made their way home while others decide to party into the weekend.
    With the engine off and helmet in hand, you walk toward the lifts when you hear and eventually notice a young woman getting the shit beaten out of her by what appears to be her boyfriend or partner, next to a Commodore with the engine running, headlights on, with the drivers side door open. The partner is noticeably very strongly built with tattoos spread across chest and shoulders and down his arms. Pretty much has bikie written all over him (no offense to bikies). You haven't seen this pair before in this apartment complex before.

    What do you do? And why?

  2. A trick question? Sometimes situations don't seem what they really are.
    From a distance yell out, maybe that will be enough to make him run.
    Then yell I have called the Police, maybe that will make him run.
    All the while put your helmet back on.
    If all else fails head but him with your helmet. The old Liverpool Kiss.

    Why, If the recipient enjoys being hit they should do it in private.
    If the Guy is a Undercover Cop he still doesn't have rights to beat a perp.
    If it is a relationship as it appears then the partner has a right to safety.

    Why do you ask?
  3. Steal the Commodore, no?
  4. Ah its that sort of suburb right. :)
  5. A friend had something similar, was sleeping between driving stints at a rest stop somewhere in central nsw, was sleeping in his car and woken up around 1am due to a girl being rag dolled against it, she was being beaten up by the apparent boyfriend with the circle jerk of group nearby. My friend didnt think about it and got out and mouthed off to cut it out, and was promptly taken out by the group, and bizarrely it was the beaten girl who persuaded them to stop and convinced him to leave before it got really nasty. Some weird mofos out there. I don't think you can really win in these situations if you have an ounce of empathy in your body.