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The Runcible Racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by maduncle, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. The story begins...

    I was in Sydney for a few days this week, so I walked up to the Deus shop and cafe today, and in the same side street is another cafe called 'The runcible spoon'. As soon as I saw that word I knew I had the perfect name for my next project.

    The Runcible Racer.

    Starting with a sad and sorry basket case CB450K0 found on an indian reservation in Colorado and now currently sailing the high seas on its way to Melbourne, due in on the 28th September...


    ... continuing with the first of the original parts I have managed to source (also from America) which arrived this week...


    ... and hopefully concluding with a bike that looks something like this one (this is a photo from a thread on the Honda Twins forum).


    I am going for an 'almost full' restoration, with the changes being handlebars, seat and some engine modifications.

    So this will be a long slow thread as I slowly pull the bike to bits, restore each part and get it back up and running.
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  2. So begins a new chapter.... Lookin good Maduncle, cant wait to see what turns up.

    I really like the look that you are going for. It pays ample respect to the bikes heritage, but isnt going overboard. Good luck with it.
  3. This will certainly be worth following.

    Looking forward to the process.

  4. Looking forward to the journey and most definitely the outcome. I sure would like to see it in the metal some time.
    Keeping tuned!
  5. Dunno if you're interested but there's currently a pair of Bomber carbs for sale in our local free ads paper. $150 IIRC. No idea of condition, but this is WA so they've probably been in the sea for the past 20 years.
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  6. This is going to be a great restore project
  7. I'd pay to come look at that!!!
  8. I would be honoured to ride it up to you so you could see it!

    And PatB - I have PM'ed you on those carbs - thanks.
  9. The original cafe racers, were, after all, singles and twins; that's all that was available.

    I presume you are familiar with the derivation of the word 'runcible'??? :LOL:
  10. After seeing it on the wall of the cafe down the road from Deus, I did some Googling and decided it was the perfect name for this - 'not quite right' - bike.

    But I would like to hear any other definitions floating around.
  11. I do believe, if this theory about Edward Lear's invented word is correct, that he was describing that great Aussie invention, the Splayd. http://www.rhymes.org.uk/the_owl_and_the_pussycat.htm
    In which case, a twin which is neither one thing nor the other is perfectly described as runcible.
  12. Hmmm,

    So now we have a concept for a new logo to replace the stock Honda wings on the tank, some sort of splade/splayd logo (which would put the wind up the Yamaha fans of the tuning fork logo wouldn't it?)
  13. e9612aee.


    So here is the headlamp I am thinking of using. Five bucks at the Ballarat swap meet earlier this year (same guy I got the old clip on's from Pat8).

    It will work well as it has the pre-cut hole for a single gauge, and the original Black Bomber headlamp held the oval combination speedo/tacho. Since my basket case comes with no headlamp - I shall use my cheap swap meet headlamp to achieve the 'gauge in the headlamp bowl' look that the bike had.

    I reckon it might be off a Bultaco, as I have seen these fitted to old Bultaco's as 'original' headlamps in a bike magazine.

    And as far as gauges go - maybe one of these...


    ... if it fits.
  14. Damn. I need to get out more. That is a cool headlight.

    I picked this up from Lithuania, and it has a neat Cyrillic speedo:



    You definitely got the best deal 8-[

    Should look awesome. It's even the right colour :wink:
  15. No way Ian - I like your one way better, it even has a coin slot!

    As for getting out more:

    - Wallan swap meet, Sunday 25th September.
    - Bendigo swap meet in November - HUGE!

    More here: http://swapmeets.wordpress.com/vic-swap-meets/
  16. yeah, but it only takes Lithuanian litas :-s

    ]quote]As for getting out more:

    - Wallan swap meet, Sunday 25th September.
    - Bendigo swap meet in November - HUGE!

    More here: http://swapmeets.wordpress.com/vic-swap-meets/[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the link. I'll have to put those in the calendar :wink:
  17. Thanks for the link. I'll have to put those in the calendar :wink:-(/QUOTE]

    Hey bikeboy, if you had gone to Wallan swap meet you could have bought an identical headlamp to the one you have there, with the light switch attached and the rest of the bike - for $220!.

    Update on Runcible...

    Still sailing the high seas, due in port on October 1st and at the factory in Bayswater on October 10th, and then if I am lucky I might get to collect it and take it home on the 14th.
  18. It'a arrived!!!

    Got an email last night from Johnny to tell me the container had cleared customs and was at his workshop in Bayswater, so I might have the bike home this weekend!

    Pics of the basket case soon...
  19. great news, I'm looking forward to the progress

    and I'm thinking more and more about finding a basket case and doing the same thing myself
  20. Speaking of basket cases...


    The bike has arrived.


    Spare later model tank with cool graphics, might keep this as is for a rat bike hard tail project later on.



    Wheels are pretty good, no dings or dents.

    Not sure what is going on with the front end, the headlamp says Yamaha, hopefully that is the only Yamaha part.

    A few broken parts on the engine (bugger) but not to hard to replace.

    And the standard box of loose ends.

    Ah well - now the fun begins...
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