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The romance of the ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RussellDP, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. It really doesn’t make much sense why we do the things we do
    When we have the tools to do it so much easier and safer
    And more comfortably, with more convenience
    And the ability to carry so much more stuff
    We can listen to the radio, fiddle with the phones
    Carry out a conversation sitting in perfect luxury
    Heated and cooled to perfection, wearing comfortable clothes
    Dry, locked on a speed, able to adjust our positions at will
    Not being affected by weather, by rain, by too much sun
    Able to eat and drink at will, smoke if it takes your fancy
    Rest your hand on the thigh of your significant other
    Fall asleep as a passenger, carry young ones in cocoons
    Not be worried about the road conditions so much
    Comforted by the knowledge of crumple zones and airbags
    And not have to spend time preparing to move
    By strapping on items to provide some possible protection
    Or we can ride, in hot and cold and wind
    Covered in protective armour plating
    With the sound of the engine and exhaust as a soundtrack
    Practicing constant vigilance, the head sweeping right to left
    Up and down, and then repeat, looking for changes
    Making sure of the of the surroundings, of the conditions
    Looking for mud, gravel or oil, looking for lines to follow
    Moving just that one inch to relieve an ache, or to corner
    With the weather beating at us, making us change our thinking
    Our constant calculations, our confidences altered
    And our bodies straining against the wind
    Our vision obscured by the very breath that gives us life
    Hungry, thirsty or both, waiting for that next stop
    So we can reposition for a moment, stretch an aching body
    Needing to be constantly alert, and aware of the others
    Who may not see us as clearly, reading the language of the cars
    And finding a line around the obstacles created by the less vigilant
    Adjusting our thinking, our position, our speed, our lines
    Often too hot, or cold, striving for that balance
    Between protection and discomfort, airflow and warmth
    Alone, with nothing around us, but the world
    Even if we are riding together, we are alone, taking our own risks
    But then it comes together, the flow through the corners
    The temperature is just right, the lighting perfect, grip levels high
    And we are just focussed on the line, where nothing else matters
    And our breathing slows, our senses are alive
    The insane become logical, and we climb off at the end
    Exhausted, but grinning, but happy, content
    Refreshed in soul and spirit.
    It is not a logical choice, but then many things in life are not formed by logic
    And when logic is taken out of why we do the things that we do
    It becomes about
    The Romance of the Ride

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  2. couldn't agree more
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  3. The romance of the aching butt :)

    Edit: Ok that does sound sorta weird....
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  4. Dude, if thats the way you swing then Im happy for you....
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  5. Russell, it's so very true! Wish I could talk like that.... You put my feelings into words very beautifully :love:! Thank you
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  6. This had been on my mind for days. Was starting to drive me nuts, and once I started writing I couldnt stop.
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  7. Geez mate, you didn't really sell it to meo_O, just made me think... WTF am I doing....?:ROFLMAO:
    After a few years of riding, I've realized that I don't have to be wet and cold..

    But your right, regarding putting a smile on me dial.:happy:
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  8. Im sure we all think that at times mate. Fortunately for me there is a voice of reason who councels me at times to reconsider my stupid decisions. I just need to listen a little more.
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  9. Buy a BMW tourer and System 6 helmet then you can have all those things (put your kid in the top box if you must).
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  10. You've comprehensively nut-shelled it; beautifully-put, RussellRussell! (y)
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  11. Sounds like it should be the Netrider Creed :)
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  12. Thank you. I am just glad it finally came out of the brain
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  13. Ah, maybe not, I am sure I missed heaps, but I kinda like it
  14. Nicely put
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  15. I will put it all to the test on Saturday. And watch me when I take the helmet off and I bet there will be a big smile.
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  16. Printed on the back of the next NR shirt, perhaps?
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  17. Too wordy perhaps. Let me paraphrase.

    Cars are easy. Bikes are hard. But cool!
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  18. Can't argue against that, looks like I'm giving up riding....
  19. Beautiful words that resonate. My other significant other has a fuel tank.
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  20. Nope. Not allowed
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