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The Rocks . . . . Orient Hotel Tonight 8.30 fri 14 dec

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. A leave your bike at home or drink in moderation social night has been organised tonight down at The Rocks . . . . Orient Hotel at 2030hrs apparently according to my SMSs !

    I'll be meeting up (or might not :p) with the NR folks after my work xmas party on the harbour.

    But out of interest, who else is going ???

    Seems to me its the eastern suburbs crowd, karl, a few northies and matchsticks posse from out west . . . . and Nasho-man. :LOL:

    . . . . . so its :beer: and :beer: tonight boys and girls ???
  2. :LOL: Hmm...so you and me both, would be coming from work parties. Baaaaad idea :LOL:
  3. ahhhh, so you are coming !

    If Matchstick has not passed out by 1am, i'll see you guys there !
    Apparently karl is up for a big one.

    All missing are the Canberra floozies ! :p

  4. Partays with Canberra folk are always fun !

    Especially watching James slowly decend into a drunken mess !
    . . and the singstar ! :p :p :p

    What ???
    Your going to dob on nan again ???
  5. Re: [SYD] . . . show of hands !! who else is going tonight ?

    You wont be there. You will be driving around drunk in a golf cart with some blond bit from your work.
  6. Really, really doubt I'll get there...somebody bought the drinks out early :eek: :shock:
  7. I will be there but hoping it does nt get too big, should be a nice day for a ride tomorrow and dont want to write it off.
  8. Sadly I don't get back from coffs until tomorrow :( Else I would be there packing mulitple hipflasks :cry:
  9. Have fun guys!!

    And yes Micky I am gonna dob on you to GRANDMA Leen :p she's at the pub waiting for me :p :p
  10. A bit of notice would've helped on this one.... now I've gone and made other plans....dammit!! Anyway The Rocks, Orient and drunken tourists are often a recipe for disaster?? :LOL: Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it...plus once I start I don't stop :grin:
  11. Not a big fan of the Orient , I get thrown out of there all the time ,last saterday was the latest, after my xmas party.


    Theres alot of good pubs in The rocks ,you just got to know where to go.
  12. Well, that was good fun, cheers guys....turned into a bit of an adventure getting back from the city, but my BAC should be back below triple digits any time now :rofl:
  13. Tell me about it Jacob, I was looking at a 1hr wait for a bus so caught a cab, which in itself was quite lucky. My head hurtz, but it was fun.