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the road is my personal racetrack- stay off!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by twainharte, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. pinched from another forum.

    great read. just too funny not to share.


  2. You pulled this from ORoadSports didn't you! :LOL:
  3. Yeah who goes out on saturday afternoons? Geez, f*cking twats!
  4. Sounds like some Black Spur posts......

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. hehehehhehe..

    I went out for a cruise on Mt Glorious today and watched some guy on a Blade come flying around a corner at some insano speed, scared the shit-outa-me actually.

    It's funny cos it's true. :grin:
  6. Either this is a joke or someone should oil up the road next time so that insane asshole throws his bike off the edge at 200km/h (with him still on it)
  7. We do NOT want oil on our roads. Pull your head in!
  8. Say that in some places your head would be ripped off before you could pull it in. Some people enjoy riding fast on the road. I'd be surprised if you don't hit the double ton once in your life.
  9. Its not our roads, he's an American so it would be no worries for us Aussies :p (no offence to people who have slipped on oil, was just thinking of a way for him to kill himself)

    I'm all for going fast, but this idiot was abusing the crap out of someone who was probably just going for a weekend trip somewhere. The fact that he thinks he owns that road and thinks he was completley in the right shits me to tears. I love twisties like most people and love just going for a ride, but people should just remember that they are not the only ones with that idea.
  10. Ah, OK. You didn't see the humour in the post. Read it again and imagine Roarin saying it.
  11. I think you'll find it's a tongue in cheek post. A good one too.
    And we still dont want to excite someone with a bent against bikes to pour oil over a section of road whether its here or anywhere else.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for advocating that. :mad:
  12. Hence me saying that it was probably a joke. I just wish i knew a rider who would talk like this so i could get the full benefit of that post :wink:

    Am I the only one who was imagining a peoson actually saying that with all their heart and then dissapearing through the trees?

    I think ill just leave this post before more people go off their heads about my suggestions (hmm... maybe i should hit that edit button.......)
  13. My gripe is about when I have to follow some nitwit for 2 minutes while he blasts up each straight at a million miles an hour, parks it in the corners, hangs off like a wannabe racer, and uses the entire lane with different lines through each corner. I'll end up just stuffing it up the inside/outside/middle under brakes (I'll never get past on a straight) because he doesnt have the common courtesy to let another rider through. Next thing you know, there's a post on netrider "waa waa, some psycho stuffed it up the inside of me, no common courtesy for other road users".

    It's not just newbies on 1000's either.
  14. Granted that slower riders should let faster riders through but the opposite is often true. I check mirrors very regularly and always let faster riders through. But that doesn't stop some spanner doing warp factor 9 giving me no time to see or let him through who then misses me by 20cm with 40kph of overtake in the middle of a corner. So I reckon there are as many inconsiderate slower riders as there are idiot faster riders.
  15. Yeah, it's all good. I'll sit behind for a considerable amount of time and after 4 or 5 corners most riders will give some space, some even know to give a kick with their foot just so that everyone knows what's happening. That's the perfect situation. The faster rider won't get burnt by an erratic line, and a slower rider won't get the shit scared out of him mid corner. It works both ways.

    The race track is still infinitely more fun though, so I leave my times trials (and crashing :LOL: ) for there.
  16. you're not suggesting Oroader's ride like this? LOL

    it's actually from a uk site.

    here's some more from the same poster: