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The Road and Me - A New Sydney Vlogger

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by PeteClarky, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. #1 PeteClarky, Nov 18, 2013
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    Hi guys, my 1080p HD helmet cam and microphone are in the mail and I am starting a motorcycle vlog YouTube channel! I'm from the northern beaches of Sydney and my riding life consists of old pacific highway runs with my mate and his 1199 Panigale, meeting up with friends for rides (also usually on the old pacific highway) and just general riding around.

    <edit: self promotion/no content vid removed>

  2. Nice to have another vlogger on the scene, though I wouldn't bother posting it here as you will get no end of heros telling you how to ride etc and unwanted attention on your channel.
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  3. Please edit out license plates and It'd be really good if you could delete shit where someone is doing something not quite on the level (like a guy passing you over double yellows, just drop that shit out before you send it up to the youtubes). Don't much give a stuff if you leave cars and that in there, but I'm pretty hairy about my antics ending up on film. Got enough police to worry about without civvies acting like mobile CCTV.
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  4. thats not a trailer, thats roll credits...
  5. Camera is still coming so I have no footage yet sorry :( It's more just to get the word out there. I love watching vlogs, especially Sydney ones so yeah :)
  6. Filmed the first video today which is an introduction. Got to perfect some things with the microphone and the tilt of the lens.

  7. Finally an actual video!

  8. Good video buddy, I'd be abit wary of posting videos of u doing 60 kph over the limit though. U never know if a cop who could actually be bothered doing some work might see it.
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  9. Little bit of tape on the speedo is a good thing for Vloggers running helmet cams.
    I have no idea why rego plates need to be obsured in photos & vids, considering that they need to be on display by law in real life.

    Don't forget that because it's on video, it doesn't really need to be entirely true. Look at programs like Top Gear that have made a living on creative editing of 'real events'.
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    You fcuking what? Is it hard to understand that people don't want to see shit they do on the internet? Perhaps they don't want some random to be able to identify them? Such as when one muppet who insists on posting his rides on the internet shows himself doing 100+ in a 60 zone and has others coming around the outside past him? Find me a video on ACA or TT or the news where number plates are are not obscured.

    I have seen a video of a military paratrooper majorly fcuking up a swoop at a public DZ. If that shit went online and the wrong person saw it, he could lose his job.

    Not too bad actually, a bit dull, but that's how it generally goes with wide angle lenses. To make it look quick, you have to be really quick --- but, it made me want to ride, so it was good enough. Less chit chat and talking to yourself in future, no one gives a shit about your milkshake and chips. Blur out faces and number plates. No ifs no buts, just do it. And for the love of God, if you're going to video your commute to work, make it worth while. Wheelies, burnouts, stoppies, excessive high speed splitting, abusing others, that sort of thing is acceptable. Talking about your next hair cut or the meaning of life isn't.
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  11. I'm not worried about any police trouble from these videos. I make sure that my own plates and anyone's who I am riding with who has given me permission to film, are not showing. I am subscribed to about 3 or 4 motovloggers on YouTube and they all filter through traffic which is also against the law, and it's right there on camera but nothing will come of it. It's a tricky business filming stuff! I'm working it out as I go along. Thanks for any feedback, it goes a long way.
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  12. Hard to say with the revs your bike pulls,it sounds like its flying.I tend to not punch out of the 60k zone bends,getting through at 77ich or so and linking them.To me its not worth the risk of a bust being over 80ish around there and being well about the 60 limit in the straights between bends isn't a thrill to me anyway.Maintaining corner speed is the fun bit to me and has zero license risk,well maybe its an arguable tiny slip up.Nice to see a pleasant vid of a road I know well,be nice to find one I don't know so well,comes from being around a while.
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  13. Sure, you can put footage of you doing illegal shit online to your heart's content. No issue with that at all. Don't put footage online of other people you don't know doing stuff that may be illegal, with any means of identifying the individual involved. Major issue with that.

  14. Yeah mate, would never ever take my camera on a big group ride (Sydneys Riders, Saturday Night Riders etc). Only done it when I have permission from the person/people I'm riding with. I reckon I need to move the camera up a bit to get more of a view of the road and the surroundings.
  15. Here's another lesson for you. Never admit association with this assembly of fcuking retards and spastics. Better yet, avoid them like you would HIV. Your odds of wrecking increase exponentially with every group ride.

  16. Your first video is a map to your house.
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  17. Fixed......