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The rise and rise of the cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by hornet, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Partially connected with the "PMs" thread and the issue it seems to have raised, aren't there more and more crusiers around????

    I went on a ride with some church folk from Nowra this morning. There were 11 people and ten bikes (one man pillioned his daughter).

    Of the ten bikes three were BMWs of various sorts, one was my Hornet and the rest were cruiser-type machines, including a trio of Viragos, a 250, a 750 and an 1100. And we all have fun.

    TC, you seem to have a good grip on stats; is this just observation or is the cruiser sector of the market growing that fast??

    (Gotta ride one one day to see what the fuss is all about :grin:)
  2. Good observation

    The booming popularity of scooters and cruiser-style bikes in particular boosted road bike sales by 31.5 per cent in the first half of the year.

    As a result, for the first time in many years total road bike sales (23,438) exceeded off road motorcycle sales (20,228).

    "The greater number of road bike sales represents a significant changing of the guard in the motorcycle scene," said the FCAI's Chief Executive, Peter Sturrock.

    "For the last two decades the industry has drawn the greater proportion of its sales from dirt bikes as motorcycling became increasingly about recreation and less about day-to-day transport."

    "While almost every segment of motorcycling has enjoyed increased sales, two distinct trends have now emerged – towards scooters for urban transport and cruisers for highway travel," said Mr Sturrock.

    Scooter sales have leapt by 64.4 per cent so far this year – the total of 6611 making it easily the largest single segment of the road bike market.

    This year's scooter boom follows a 30 per cent growth in the segment in 2005.

    "It is clear that the growth in popularity of scooters is accelerating as their very low running costs are spotlighted by record petrol prices," said Mr Sturrock.

    Cruiser-style motorcycle sales have grown 21.4 per cent so far this year, building on strong growth in 2005.

    Full article http://www.fcai.com.au/media/2006/07/00000113.html

    I often wonder when the term Cruiser was invented. IMHO when the Japs started copying Harleys, the Cruiser was born.

    The Japs bought a lower purchase price, perceived reliability and to some, a Harley copy, that they could ride easily, without having to push the limits like on a sportsbike to get maximum fun. I know dozens of cruiser riders, they enjoy the bike for what it does, although some have changed back to sports/sports touring or adventure bikes. Plenty of younger guys also enjoy Cruisers, so sales should continue at strong levels.

    Full details of sales for first six months of this year by category http://www.fcai.com.au/files/TOP_10_Jan-June_2006.pdf
  3. The trend certainly isn't that surprising. I reckon the problem with supersports bikes lies in their pursuit for the highest power/weight figure which has made them so expensive to run/maintain that they're becoming impractical for use as daily transport. Cruisers may not be fast but they're simple and in most cases reliable and cheap to run. Makes sense that in any country where people often have to cover very long, straight distances (like here and in the US) that they would sell well.
  4. Gday Paul, anytime mate... anytime, might even convert you (SEG)
  5. HEY MARK, where you been man????

    I'd LOVE that, give me a call (PM me for my number!)
  6. Also, supersports are, how do I put it, not overly comfortable and alot of people buying bikes now are older people returning to riding, or just starting out as a cheaper alternative to running a car in peak hour traffic.
  7. Actually I do find popularity of cruisers a bit surprising because while I totally agree with everything said about supersports, it's not like the only choice is 'supersport or cruiser'. There's a whole lot of middle ground with bikes like VStroms, TDM, ER6, some BMWs and some Triumphs as well... a whole bunch of bikes even more economical and practical than cruisers. Why are they not the quickest growing segment of the market then? Could it be simply because nobody figured out how to separate them into a 'segment'? Or is there something more to the appeal of cruisers than economy and practicality?
  8. image, the same as for supersports bikes..... image makes sales
  9. After the cruisers I've ridden lately, I'd say Yes. It's not about show (unless you make it so - and that's hardly a vice confined to cruiser riders), but about a certain laid-back feel - the bike really emphasises the pleasure of just cruising. I can't wait to get one as my next bike!
  10. Because they tend to make sense at lower speeds and on different roads than some bikes, perhaps?
  11. Firstly I'm confused at the above in bold - is that in relation to the TDMs, VStroms etc??

    Cruisers popular for a number of reasons; relatively low seat height for those vertically challenged, plenty of woemn choose them as their ride, upright seating postion, can be made very comfortable with floor boards, highway pegs and sissy bars, classic retro looks, twin cylinders with plenty of torque as opposed to horsepower so less gear changes, ability to customise to make them a moving piece of art and quite a few "cruiser clubs" so can readily mix with like minded people.

    And I'm surprised that you have a full licence and choose to ride a CB250 - but that is the beauty of bikes - there is something there for everybody :cool:
  12. I could agree with that - but then a 'cruiser' isn't particularly comfortable over the long haul, due to the lack of fairings. While they're easy, laid-back for the short trip into work, freeway travel is quite tiring. I'd pick a sportsbike over a cruiser if I had freeways in mind, but ideally you'd get a proper tourer.
  13. ^^^^ Horses for courses I guess :)

    I guess the most I see are people making their way into the city, so I see a crapload of cruisers....as well as sportsbikes.
  14. You've got to remember fully faired bikes have only been around for what, 30 years. And still only account for a small share of the market. So plenty of big distances have, and will continue to be done on unfaired bikes.
  15. Aw. c'mon Tenoq, faired bikes only for long trips? Maybe in the US with Gold Wings and stuff, but I bet more long trips get done on nakeds or cruisers than faired bikes. And as far as true sports bike fairings are concerned, that's not really an issue because you have to be some sort of iron-person to do real long trips on a super-sports bike anyway, surely???
  16. I LOVE 'sports' bike's ........ mmmm GSX-R 750 .......... BUT, having lost my car licence 3 times already for silly things, mostly speeding(I worked as a courier on country roads, no excuse but...) SO, to have a bike that can DO 300km/h ma be a bit too much ........ 2 weeks ago i bought my second new cruiser in a year, I could have got a lot of sports bikes for the money i spent but the enjoyment is there WITHOUT the breaking of the sound barrier,........... OMG.......... I sound like my mother........ :-(

    And, yes, yes i know there are PLENTY of cruisers that can haul arse, mine aint a rocket but it can still get me done speeding easily, maybe its the gearing ...... i dunno, you just dont have that instant 180km/h+ like a lot of modern sports bikes which in the wrong hands.........

    That's my 2 bob .....

  17. Yes, it occured to me that perhaps they just aren't counted as a separate category therefore don't show up this way in sales statistics. They talk about 'offroad bikes', 'cruisers' and perhaps 'sport bikes', but as far as I know nobody is counting sales of 'sensible bikes'; there is no such category, so do we really know how many of them are sold?

    Well I have perfectly rational reasons which I've already explained and I'm happy to explain again if you wish :) I looked at what my requirements were, and chose a tool for the job. In general, I'm perfectly fine with cruisers, as well as all other kinds of bikes. Variety is great and I don't mean to belittle anyone's choice, I'm just trying to understand it.
  18. Thought i better add that for quite a few years now i have been 'fine free' ...... yes, i grew up!!

    Got sick of being the major contributor of the N.S.W police service retirement fund!!!!

  19. I have been looking around for some time now trying to decide on my next bike. See the problem is that I like to ride in comfort for some distance. I dont mind riding all day and for a day or 2 at a time but I am not really looking to tour the country. So do I get another bigger cruiser or a touring bike with a fairing?
    I leant towards a touring bike but you have to buy something bigger than a Litre, usually 1300 or so these days if you want a touring bike. What about a sports tourer. I was looking at the 2005 Triumph ST which had a 955 engine and a comfortable riding position but the new model leans more to a sports configuration and is no longer what I am looking for. Everything else I look at in the ST line also seems to be going this way which leaves us with retro ( Triumph America, Bonny) or underpowered tourer (Honda DeVille).
    For me if I am going to have a naked bike it may as well be comfortable to ride. I dont need to be on a 20 degree lean round corners and hunched over a fuel tank while sitting on a rock to enjoy my riding. That means a cruiser. I also want a decent tank size so that I dont have to keep stopping every 200K for petrol. With all this in mind I am currently leaning towards a Kwaka VN900 classic.
    This is why I will most likely choose a cruiser when I upgrade. Perhaps others feel similarly.
  20. Sensible bikes - who is going to define that :p

    V-Stroms are in Adventure Bikes - 650 highest selling and 1,000 came in tenth - between them 103 sales.

    TDM's don't sell well (their price has just been reduced $2,000 so should sell a few), ER650, Naked, sold 45 (is that the same as an ER6?) - have a look here for other models