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The Rider that never Nods Back...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by outactrl, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Victoria St / Victoria PDE melbourne
    nearly every day,
    direction - from Queen Vic Maket heading to richmond end
    shes about 25-35yo
    Tight (really tight) leathers.
    rides a Duke Monster, I forget the colour cause thats the last thing im looking at.

    never seen her face.
    nice loud bike, and a great body (both of them).
    i see her nearly every morning, pull up at the lights, look over to give
    "The Nod" but.... She never looks back...

    Breaks my heart everytime..

  2. sounds familar except for the nodding part and the location (North melbourne heading towards Flemington)...she nodded to me though...
  3. Hey, that's my 'hood and I've never seen this vision you speak of. What time? I'l be there, perving goggles strapped on to see if she nods at a REAL man... :p
  4. I'm curious to know how you can estimate her age when you say you've never seen her face.

    But regardless of that, maybe she's just not into you :p :p :p

    Its kinda rude tho not to return a nod. I even nodded at a bike cop today and got one back :shock:
  5. I dont even look at them anymore , its just the excuse they are looking for to pull me over :shock:
  6. So are they still coming to coffee or not?
  7. Bwahahahahaha, now THAT is the funniest thing I have read all day :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    So did ya get the book kaz? ;) Book of the year I say :D
  8. Yep, Deb I wondered whether you'd be the only one to pick up on that one....

    Seriously, outactrl, I didn't mean to cause any offence, but for those of us in the know, that statement was piss funny, even if I do say so myself :p
  9. i nodded by a cop, i figured if i didn't return it then i would definately get dicked for somthing.

    Why not nod to cops, they in the same boat as us.
  10. outa, don't be to down about her not nodding. She is probably checking her lippy in the rear view mirror.

  11. Last time I did that I got pulled up the convo went like this...

    bikecop: Hello Mate, I noticed your L plate obscures your plate while riding along...you need to fis that up or you can get a fine...

    me: No worries mate I didn't know will get right on that :roll: ...while thinking I wonder if he knows..that I know that he knows it's intentional...lol
  12. I wasn't going to mention this. Honestly, I wasn't. Really. But..........

    I went for a really long ride on Sunday - the birds were a-singin', the sun was a-shinin', and there was loads of bikes around. I nodded to every single one, and every single one nodded back. Every single one, except riders of big Cruisers. Most ignored me (and other bikers), and some just pointedly looked straight through me. Any riders of big Cruisers out there? Do you nod to other bikers? If not, why not?

    Strange, eh?
  13. I wonder if she had one of those rainbow (in the shape of a lady) stickers on the front of her fairing.
  14. Yeps agree...nod to cops. Pretend they are not there and they may think you have a guilty conscience!!! Make them think you have nothing to hide, and they may not look so hard. Have you ever noticed how people's behaviour changes when they see a cop??? If I was a cop I would be asking why...

    I always nod, and then realise after when im in a car....lol

  15. I agree, i think they think that they too good for tupperware. I think its really rude. even if you are stopped at a servo and try and strike conversation It aint worth it. they TOO GOOD for me... =[
  16. I have been driving all this week (yup, I'm a BIG woose) and out of habit, I still bloody NOD to riders and NONE of you bastards are nodding back at me.....snobby sods
  17. LOL....I hear ya Nobby!!!
  18. Then stop diving around with your freeking headlights on high beam!

  19. :roll: you ride a bloody honda what do you expect :p
  20. haha. d.e.s.p.e.r.a.t.e. :p
    sorry! i know how how annoying it is to not get a nod. maybe if you ignore her for a few days she'll wonder why you stopped looking! or you could just keep perving. i prefer the latter. :LOL: :p