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The rideless rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Comrade, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Got my permit a month ago and almost instantaneously the Taxman sends me a bill which was remarkably similar to my gear budget.

    That's ok i said, i'll just go get that VTR I've been dreaming about and watch it in my garage instead of on BikeSales.

    You will do no such thing said my Evaporative cooler and proved itself right by dying on me. And wouldn't you know it, the price of a new unit was remarkably similar to the bike budget.

    Until the bank account gets replenished, me thinks it's back to living vicariously through you lot.

  2. Get rid of the evap system and install a few split systems for cheaper instead. The evap systems don't cool enough to my liking.
  3. Walk around naked at home and get a bike.

    Glad i could help :D
  4. Sell your neighbour's car?
    Desperate times dude...
  5. Check your house insurance - it usually covers things like central air con/heating evaporate cooling - if they are a permanent fixture of the house ( I know mine does )
  6. I like chef's suggestion, but I'd add that you should keep the blinds down :LOL:
  7. so thats what I am doing wrong
  8. Welcome Comrade. Hope the vicarious journey leads you to a bike soon.
  9. was the evaporative cooler really more important than a bike? :-s
  10. The bike is way cooler ;)
  11. I didn't think so, but the hot crying newborn thought it was.

    And since I'm a L plater, I'm told it is against the law to provide natural cooling by strapping them to the pillion seat
  12. ah, babies. i dislike babies. they ruin everything!
  13. Babies aren't that bad, it's what they grow into that makes life difficult. Teenagers.

    As for you're cooling problems, just buy some fans and dry ice and hey presto home made evap cooler.
  14. i hate the little poo machines
    your life is over
    just accept it
  15. I refused to accept it, and to prove my life wasn't over, I bought a motorcycle not long after our youngest was born. He's just turned 15, I've been riding for 14yrs 6mths.
  16. Yeah I'm with you on that one. The little poo machine hasn't really effected my life that much, maybe a bit less sleep and some gagging at pooey nappies but that's about it.

    The bike will come no doubt about it. After new years, I'll start buying the gear. Probably helmet and gloves first, leather jacket and cavlar jeans next, riding shoes and some body armour. What ever money is left at the end will go to the bike. Probably looking at a cb250 now instead of the VTR from a price point of view.

    Which doesn't worry me too much, i just really really want to ride already. so the sooner the better.

  17. Riding your bike naked is the best evaporative cooling invented.
  18. The ATGATT police will be shortly to explain to you why that isn't a good idea.
  19. Nah, what he said is absolutely correct. Dehydration awaits.
  20. Sit in front of your new $20 fan with your helmet on and your nearly there mate. :)