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The ride to Lithgow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mrCAMPO, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Morning folks,

    So I will be going for a spirited ride up to Lithgow tomorrow. Looked at Google Maps, and looks like a fun and twisty road indeed for my lil RS125.

    Just a question for anyone thats ridden there. Are the roads fairly smooth/narrow, any particular parts of the trip I should be aware of etc.

    Just gathering some of your thoughts really. Looking forward to the ride.

  2. mrCAMPO

    Have PM'd you.

  3. I might go there this Sunday as well.
    Ride safe.
  4. I've probably been over the Bell's line over a thousand times since I was a kid. It is fairly smooth and safe all through, though you should settle down around Mt. Tomah as the corners can be blind and tight. I was sh!tting myself through there a few weeks ago on my 250 through the thick fog and pouring rain. I don't recommend doing hat if it's your first time through.
  5. It will be my first time riding for sure. I think I would feel a little intimidated if I was riding by myself. Perhaps going as a group would make things a bit more comfortable.

    I do plan to take it easy though. As much as I am used to riding the RS now, I don't want to be complacent.

    Anyhow I will report back with my experiences. I do feel sorry for you riding there raining with fog Ham. As it's going to be a warm sunny day tomorrow, this will help with my confidence.
  6. I have ridden the Bell Rd lots over the years but not for a long time till recently,
    other than Kurajong hill it was a bit disappointing,I didn't remember it being so open,we must have ridden in the past much faster than I remember,there are a couple of great bits but some quite long boring open stuff that would if my licence allowed be also fun.Great scenery thought.
  7. Bells Line of Road isn't a bad ride to Lithgow though they have greatly reduced the speed limits along most of it. I was up there yesterday and the road,s in really good condition. I've driven it heaps of times so I know it well, but it pays to take your time if you haven't done it before - as others have said, there's a few sharp bends and off crest sweepers that'll catch you out if you don't have the cornering confidence.

    There were a few cattle trucks along the way and watch out for semi trailers turning onto the road from the mine just before ZigZag railway. As long as you're paying attention and riding within your limits, the BLOR is a good route.

    By the way, the bakery at Kurrajong Hts is closed due to an ongoing dispute with the landlord re unsafe building. I was really looking forward to my mid morning pie and coffee too.
  8. If you do bell's around the limit you won't strike any problems. The limit is 20km/hr too low for a lot of it.

    The pie shop in Lithgow, near the Vinnies (just back up the main street from the Kwaka dealer) does a good pie and acceptable coffee.

    The same mob own the pie shop in Wang township which is worth a small detour if you are out the other side.

    They do cooked breakfasts too.
  9. How did it go?