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The Revolution is here and now

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Takamii, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. The Revolution is here and now




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  2. When I get my new bike after May! This will be mine!! /drool :applause:
  3. you know how long I've been after some type of ussr themed one... so will be getting this :D
  4. Just wait till the first Russian who grew up in the USSR sees you and knocks you out. Enjoy.
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  5. Maybe I'm missing something?
  6. Fully sickle
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  7. Yeah ... I've known several people who grew up in Soviet Russia (my brother in law is one). For the most part they react to Soviet symbols in the same way that Jews react to NAZI stuff.

    I worry that the coming generation is going to start treating Lenin and Stalin as 'cool', in the same way that the clueless have been treating Guevara and Mao for years.

    They were fucking mass murderers, folks. Together they killed men, women and children by the million and ruined the lives of countless others. Nothing cool there.
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  8. To put it another way: would you wear a helmet with a NAZI swastika on it? After all, the NAZIs murdered an order of magnitude fewer people than the Soviets did.
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  9. Does he ever fly aeroflot ?


  10. Granted I made the post about it being a USSR symbol... It's not just a symbol for them. It's used world wise in many other flags etc. And is just a communist symbol in general.

    Same as the portrait of Che is used on many items, such as kids walking around with him on a tshirt. Not much is said about that. More of the fact it's just a symbol of socialism/being to the left, or wanting to look like you're 'cool' and a lefty.

    At the end of the day, it's a symbol, it's arty and looks good in my opinion.

    And personally, I wouldnt wear a helmet with a swastika on it... I personally do not like the look of the symbol. I am also well aware it's used in other references.

    But hey, we're all allowed our own opinions. At patterns on helmets are just artwork. Think of it as a deep and meaning message and meh, that's your call but I look at it as a bit of art on a helmet.
  11. What do you suppose is the purpose of art?
  12. Pfffgggghhht what about the American flag ??? No other mother has dropped the bomb and killed so many in one hit, or two.
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  13. That's not even close to the same thing.

    Russians who grew up under Communism see the symbols of the hammer and sickle and red 5 pointed star as very insulting and a reminder of their oppression BY THEIR OWN LEADERS.

    I deal with many Russians in my line of work. I warned Takamii about doing this, but as usual he's putting money before common sense.

    You shall reap what you sow
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  14. True Doug
    But are ours any better ? We are told to vote, and they can lie like hell at polling time and get away with it because of their own laws.
    They make us throw our savings into a sinking ship.
    This labor government has wasted more money then any natural disaster has cost in the history of man.... how long they been in ?
    40 years ago they told us to smoke, now they send you broke and your a social outcast if you do.
    The Chinese are just a s bad to deal with, ask anyone in the rag trade.
    Quite frankly were all mad
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  15. Whatever you want it to be... That's the joy of art.

    Best post ever hehe
  16. The R's are backwards...
  17. Brett, you're generalising. I'm talking facts.
  18. fixed for ya
  19. Same result.