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The Red Light Balancing Game

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I'm not sure if this is similar to a nodding thread that comes up way too often but I couldn't find anything similar with a search for balancing.

    Who stops at a red light and tries to keep their foot up as long as possibe? Or am I uniquely retarded in doing this? I can sometimes last a couple of seconds with a bit of jigging of the handle bars. But I often try to hold it too long and have a bit of a stumble which must make me look a bit special to those around me.

  2. Do you have a reason in mind when you do this??

    Essentially you are risking falling over, nothing wrong with doing it for a challenge every now & again, but every time??

    You can take of just as fast with your feet having to come off the ground as with them still on the pegs...
  3. Gotta say I do this - don't know why thought I was pretty special actually
  4. I'm guilty of this too.. Trick is to focus upwards and not look down. I try not to think about it, it seems to work for me.
  5. I do it too, It's a challenge, if you do fall over doing this then don't ride, you are a retard.
  6. No reason, besides just to challenge myself. I don't do it all the time. I don't really think I could fall over doing it. Its probably much easier doing this on my scooter then bigger bikes. It's just to keep me entertained on long commutes.

    Just wondering if I'm the only one.
  7. I try to do it sometimes/often enough but not every time.

    I think being able to balance the bike for an extended period of time would be a good skill to have/develop but isn't as important as keeping an eye on your mirrors to make sure someone is going to stop their car in the same spot as your bike (I don't know how right or useful this is but I tap my rear brake so that it flashes when I'm stuck in traffic as I believe a flashing light is easier to notice then a solid brake light [this is obviously if there is no car stopped behind me]).
  8. yep flash my brake light as well - I am a commoner
  9. Ok thread is turning into, "Things you do when sitting at the lights"...
  10. A thread changing topics? on this forum? never!

    I never thought of tap the brakes but I like the idea. But coordinating this with the balancing game may be far beyond my skills.
  11. I sometimes sit there & pull the brake lever in a bit till I hear the click, then let it out again & repeat that a few times, hadn't really thought about it being a useful thin too do..
  12. Occasionally I think about where I am going and concentrate on the traffic around me
  13. +1 for balancing the bike when stationary. I feel pretty cool when I can balance it for a couple of seconds.
  14. Yeah, do it. I spend so much time sitting at lights that I gotta fill the time somehow. Almost too easy on my SM.

    But we are mere amateurs compared to the real experts - cyclists on fixies with their feet velcroed to the pedals. Can't put them down even if they want to and don't have brakes.
  15. Wow, what a revolutionary idea. I'm going to give that a try next ride, any pointers :LOL:
  16. I (try) to do this.

    I can keep my feet up if the bike is still moving even a little but cant seem to keep them up once the bike is stopped, well maybe for a tiny bit I can. Maybe im unko. Its great practice for low speed stuff and something my instructor showed us while doing the MOST.

    Many bicycle riders do the same thing. I can do it on a bicycle, but unlike the experts I dont have my foot bolted to the pedals, I think id fall down just by being freaked out.

    I think the key is balance, looking up and keeping your arms relaxed.
  17. Guy on a fixie props in front of me the other day. Big fat wrap-around velcro straps holding his feet to the pedals, no brakes, no gears. I was impressed - he held it for a good two minutes... right up 'til the light turned green. Then he fell flat on his face in front of the Merc beside me just taking off. Funny stuff, especially him trying to crawl toward the gutter commando style dragging the bike behind him.
  18. Yeah, I've been (attempting to) trackstand my motorcycles at traffic lights since I started riding. I blame my mountainbiking roots. :)

    It was a heck of a lot easier on the 140kg VTR250 with tyres made out of slippery plastic covered in Armourall, compared to trying to trackstand the 200kg Tiger 1050 with tyres made using Shit-To-A-Blanket(tm) traction techologies - the amount of force needed to pivot the handlebars for balance is quite considerable on the big cat!

    But yeah, <3 slowriding technique. Casually advancing at slower-than-walking pace with both feet high and dry is scientifically proven to be 17,000,000 times more sexy than dragging both feet along the ground at speeds of up to 15kph like a pair of lace-up training wheels.

  19. Wheres the GoPro when you need one, that video would have been a total internet sensation.
  20. If you want to do that - try taking up observed trials. I rode trials for a bit many years ago and it was fun (and very cheap competition - even if I wasn't terribly good at it) and it teaches you great balance.

    You lose points for touching your foot to the ground and get to ride over rocks, logs and all sorts of things very slowly.

    I find I still try and do it when I come up to lights or come to a stop sign.