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The Red Dragon

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Robboo, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone thanks for all the input on which bike to purchase I finally made the smart decision i think and went for a 2000 model red and black GPX with a few drop marks and 30K which picked up for under $2500 instead of the GT250R i was originally looking at , i have had her for about a week but i have been to busy riding to get near my computer until today , if anyone is interested in going on a ride in the next couple of long weekend days let me know. Also if anyone has any recommendations for bike mechanics i need to get a rego check done and i would also like to get the bike checked out and possibly serviced i work in north sydney and live in pymble so anywhere on the northern side of sydney or cbd would be sweet , look forward to catching up with some of you on the next learners ride.

  2. congratulations on the purchase. that's a great deal. can't get tired of saying how awesome she is :)
  3. GPX250r? As if it deserves an r, especially since the zzr is the updated version of the gpx! Humph!

    - phizog (zzr250r)
  4. zz-r 250 is of sport category
    gpx 250r is of supersport :grin:
  5. Congrats! im thinking of getting one my self :wink: will wait might end up with a 50 year old bike me thinks :LOL:
  6. oi, you over there, wipe that grin off your face immediately :LOL:.

    Congrats on the purchase, pity the weather's so lousy over this four day weekend... {bet you're still riding, though :wink:}.
  7. :rofl:
  8. Yeah that kawasaki site has some bikes in interesting catagories.......the weathers killing me 4 beautiful days at work as soon as i finish it starts bucketing down :( for my 4 days off.
  9. You got a bargain for that price and 2000 model. Well done, it looks great too nice colours
  10. what does it make the zx2r :(

    the mach 5 of the kawas? :LOL:
  11. You can get it serviced at Alto Kawasaki 734 Pacific Hwy. Chatswood. Pretty close to North Sydney.

    That is if you want a kawasaki mechanic to have a look other than that do a search.

    Congrats on the new buy.

  12. Grats on the new bike! I have the zzr and love it!
  13. Well done on the bike, keep her shinny side up bud.

    Donno about mechs up north but ya, get together with a few netrider members and start to learn basic mech stuff, i just started doing that and you get so much more joy out of the bike knowing you can fix problems and look after it.

    Just my opinion anyway.

    Again, congratz and enjoy!
  14. Congratulations on your purchase :grin:

    Stay safe :cool:
  15. Dont like those bikes, but congrats anyway.
  16. hey robbo, i live in turramurra...would love to go riding some time!