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The reason why you should tie all kids into bed to sleep...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Thera, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Link

    I so hope they had public liability included in their insurance policy...

  2. I wonder if he was a perfectly adjusted, normal child, BEFORE the accident??

    However, it seems that the ladder and guard had been removed from the top bunk, and you couldn't really expect a child to have thought about that before climbing up there......
  3. I wonder how much responsibility the parents are accepting in this?

    I know you have to have a bit of faith that the host family are going to make sensible decisions regarding the welfare of your child when they go for a sleepover...but before I send my kids off for someone else to be care for, I need to know quite a bit about what's going to be going down. There's always room for mistakes, of course, it's not a perfect world after all.

    As for bunk beds, I don't let my own 10 year old sleep on the top bunk, let alone someone else's 10 year old.
  4. where'd you get the info about the barrier and the ladder hornet? it doesn't mention it in this article, and it is still possible to come off with them installed.
  5. There was an extensive article about it in the Illawarra Mercury (paper), which I read while having breakfast this morning.... It stated that the parents of the house in which the lad stayed had removed both the safety rail and the ladder to the top bunk, and that the lad had tried to climb out during the night, placed his foot on the top of a chest of drawers next to the bed, twisted his leg and fallen, resulting in the injury.
  6. Thanks for the update hornet. It's good to compare the different way articles are written and what they contain.
  7. I've always tie kids to the bed. Doesn't everyone?
  8. I dont know and I think its too late to ask Mr Jackson.
  9. make the little fcukers(or get their parents to) sign a waiver before they enter your house! :twisted:

  10. :rofl:
  11. For anyone who cares to know, MOST home + contents insurance policies SHOULD cover this in their legal liability section (which is USUALLY automatically included).

    This is general insurance advice btw :)