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The reason I finally got my motorbike licence

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. From http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/train-passenger-limits-breached/2006/01/03/1136050442052.html

    It shows trains are vastly overcrowded for most/all? peak train services. I know that last year in January that every train I caught, 2 times every weekday was packed to the brim.

    I'm smiling now as I read that article knowing that everytime I go somewhere in melbourne now it's with a smile because I'm on my bike, not a shitty overcrowded train :)

    Thumbs up for motorbikes once again! :grin:

  2. we dont want people driving cars to work, too much congestion

    we dont want people riding bikes to work, too unsafe

    we dont want people catching trains to work, too crowded

    we dont want people on the dole, too much of a drain

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :?
  3. Yeah, the month I didn't have a licence and had to use the public transport system to get to work was a right pain. Took about 2X the time, way too often the trains were late, and there were often "people" trying to cause trouble. I probably ran into them because I was taking late trains home though.
  4. Bring on the teleportation (Star Trek Style).

    Beam me up, Scottie.
  5. For a while there I was living in North Melbourne and working out in the 'burbs.

    The commute was great, every drongo was driving the other way!

    /Hate working in the city now. Gimme a sea change.
  6. Im finding that it seems to take me longer to ride to work than drive. I think its the time putting gear on and off.... I am not sure why though. I think I go at the same speed?
  7. Living in Canberra would have a lot to do with it. All my experiences there show that there was hardly any traffic, unlike other cities that slowed you down immensely. I.e waiting 5-15 minutes at one intersection etc
  8. Don't forget that the public transport has reduced timetables over the xmas period right into mid Jan I think. (cos no one needs to get to work at that time of the year. :roll:)

    Could this be causing the overcrowding or is it all year that it happens?
  9. i think you're not riding fast enuff :LOL:

    you should always warm up your bike/car before going anywhere, use that time to gear up :wink: warm up times should be about the same, so you shouldn't be losing any time there. and when you get out on the road, split traffic and hoon off the mark, you'll get where you're going quicker even if the traffic is minimal :twisted:

    bikes rawk, dont even think about the car :LOL:
  10. on the days my bike was in the shop and i didn't have kaer's spada to borrow, my average travel time on public transport was 3.5 hours (return) and cost approx $50/week.

    on the bike it takes me just over an hour and costs me $30/week :D
  11. The reason I got my bike license is that chicks dig leather and scars.

    Now that I have a nice collection of both my girlfriend will no longer take me to the hospital...
  12. I think it co-incides with the absense of Government monitoring, which only happens twice a year.
  13. They had the 'holiday' timetable all of Jan last year. Worst thing was hearing over the loudspeaker daily while 200-300 people were on the platform waiting for the train (at richmond station for me). The next train running will be 5:20 instead of 5:10 due to holiday timetable.

    The trains are sometimes packed to the brim during the year, mainly when there is a late or cancelled train. Which was a fair bit when I was still catching the train. But there was hardly ever a time when there were spare seats on any of the trains I caught to and from work all year.
  14. I'm all for people taking public transport apart from myself.

    If I was to go to work on public transport from Delahey to Camberwell:

    *15 min waiting for bus
    *30 min bus trip that would usually take approx 7 min if the bus didn't have to take it's route
    *10 min waiting for train
    *20 min train trip to city
    *15 min waiting for connecting train
    *20 min train trip
    *15 min waiting for tram
    *20 min tram trip because of traffic

    ***total time = 2 hrs and 25 min***

    Now if I take the bike:

    *Ring Rd
    *City Link

    ***total time = 30 min taking my time***

    If i was to take the car it would be approx 45 min
  15. Ahh guys and gals, you have nothing to worry about..... Try Commuting from Highton (Geelong) to Blackburn North everyday....... :( :(
  16. I commuted from St Albans Park(Whittington/geelong) to South Melbourne for just on 2 years
  17. Man...I thought my trip was long.
  18. try going from sth syd to nth syd, anyone that lives in sydney will understand my pain. to congested and expensive to ride so i use the trains its no fun in the morning the arvo is ok i just read mags on the way home
  19. damn dude. on the train or bus or both? actually either is just as bad. you should at least try riding it a coupla days. if you split all the way it aint too bad. although it then becomes and "ultra high risk" activity with all the knobjockeys driving to work in a huge car by themselves with the radio up and the phone one their ear... :?
  20. i get the train. as i go across the harbour bridge every morning i always see a few bikes going across and think i should be doing that but then realise what you said in your last sentence. the drivers dont look and dont care