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The Reality of Riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    Moderators, if this is not acceptable, appologies - feel free to remove

    This is a site a friend of mine in the US passed onto me. It is not overly graphic, but it does wake you up a little.


    Stay safe out there.

    Contains graphic pictures of dead/mutilated people, both wearing gear and not.
  2. i think most nrs know about the site by now. thanx tho.

    cheers :cool:
  3. woah, not likely to forget some of those images for a while, nor some of the statistics. Thanks for posting, Skuff....

    {at least one Aussie crash pictured there, too...}
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  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    love the site loz
  6. crap. can we put R rated at the front?

    it's not reality of riding rather 'the impact of an accident without gears'
  7. You mean gear instead of gears right? Im also pretty sure that some of those people where wearing gear.
  8. well from my brief scrolling most had skin graft

    what's the diff between gear and gears? :grin:
  9. You mean were instead of where, right? :p
  10. That sites pretty graphic why dont we just start linking p0rn sites
  11. People that like to take pictures of vegetables on their cat and post it on the Internet to be shared with other people's pictures of similar things disturb me MUCH more than the high risk of riding a motorcycle....
  12. rate my poo . com
  13. Thanks for posting Sir Skuffy. Served as a reminder as well as an eye opener for me.........
  14. ding! couldnt agree more. i always wear one when commuting (i.e. in traffic). if a cager thinks i look like an idiot, thats good, means they've seen me. and as for 'looking good' when you get off the bike... well, thats generally when u take the vest off? so whats to lose from wearing one?
  15. That's exactly my thoughts on my Helmet Mohawk. I just don't have to take it off when I stop like I would a vest.. :p

    Thanks for posting the link Mitch. Hopefully it'll make a few people think about their actions and the possible consequences.
  16. Man some of those pictures towards the bottom were getting graphic. I couldn't have a look at them all cause they were starting to make me feel sick. :sick:

    Still I would rather not think about what could happen, more think about what I am going to do so that it doesn't happen.
  17. That site should be included as required viewing on L plater courses.

    Large slabs of it clearly highlight the reality of being stupid and reality of squiding...

    Sobering stuff.
  18. Garbage. Both will help a little, but the #1 thing that will save you is

    YOU. Being alert and ready to dodge.

    Cos sometimes them cagers have got NO F*N IDEA and will NEVER know you're there.

    That's why police officers on white bikes with reflectors and flashing lights and sirens still get mowed down by old grannys pulling out in front. Yes it happens, I've met some who were put in hospital this way.
  19. i don't condone running over bikers but why couldn't the pig that booked me on my wedding day morning at 8am for not carrying my P-License have met one of those granny's :evil:

    he was one hell of an a-hole that said so my days gone from bad to worse