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The real Govt media release & the AMC response...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, May 4, 2008.

  1. The AMC has been in touch with the Minister's office about the motorcycle crash stuff in the papers this week. It's a bit more complex than the Herald-Sun, ABC etc. said. Here is the bit of the Minister's media release that the media didn't bother to even read. It goes through all the crash stats etc then says...

    That’s why the recent landmark Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Summit was so timely.

    Organised by the Australian Government and the Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee (MSCC), this landmark two-day Summit brought together rider groups, police, road authorities and safety experts from around Australia and overseas.

    The Summit generated an enormous range of ideas to improve motorcycle safety, with proposed measures addressing rider education and licensing, police enforcement, road engineering and protective clothing.

    I look forward to these proposals being further developed by the MSCC so that they can be considered by the Australian Transport Council for inclusion in the next National Road Safety Strategy.

    The MSCC comprises representatives from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, motorcycle clubs and associations, and my Department.

    The full Fatal and Serious Road Crashes Involving Motorcyclists report can be downloaded: www.atsb.gov.au/publications/2008/mono20.aspx

    And here's the Australian Motorcycle Councils take on the subject.

  2. When will someone stand up at one of these meetings, announce the facts to the room and then ask the minister very specifically if they are just ill informed upon the matter they are speaking? or being deliberately misleading?

    Or just "Where and when is the next one of these meetings?" will do...
  3. That's quite a relief, although I'm not going to relax completely just yet.

    Pity Joe Public will never see it though :evil: .
  4. We added this to AMC's statement. Note - Shaun Lennard spent most of his weekend researching and drafting the AMC media Release. He deserves a medal... :grin:

  5. :rofl:

    How dare they mislead the public with facts!

    (Perhaps this sentence should have been worded a little more carefully?)
  6. Boris has been at it again. Another "spray" in AMCN, slightly less virulent than the last effort.
  7. Yeah, probably should have been worded better.

    Though to be difficult and to be fair, it's entirely possible to mislead people with facts. Watch Today Tonight or look at any other tabloid sensationalist media and you'll see what I mean.

    Better yet, read about the horrors of dihydrogen monoxide - http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html .

    They're not telling lies - everything they say is completely factual. But it's so easy to manipulate things with emotional language so they come across in a negative way. :?
  8. Yeah, saw that.

    Why would anyone bother taking notice of what he writes? He is the editor of a soft p0rn magazine aimed at knuckle draggers, ferals and bogans.

    Does he also think that the same demographic applies to motorcyclists?

    He whinges and bitches and carrys on about how we'll succumb to a totalitarian state. Other than rabbit on in AMCN what has the guy actually done to stop this from occuring?

    And really, in the end, does the motorcycling community really care?
  9. Here's a practical idea from the community: "Ban Motorcycles". There you go, problem solved. While you're at it ban canoeing, abseiling and horse riding too... I'm sure a fair few people die doing that every year.