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The real dangers of the harbour bridge.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Volityl, May 14, 2010.

  1. First real post of the forum, hope you guys like :) sorry its such rant.

    So, I'm riding to work in the morning, doing my usual trip from Glebe to St Leonard's. I've gotten through the fun bit of traffic, splitting through the mess right before the bridge.

    I change left a lane, indicating as I go. Here's where it gets fun...

    When I've settled into the lane I do my usual check of the indicator, making sure its not still flashing. When I look down there's the biggest !#!%ing spider I've ever seen (probably appeared far larger then it actually was due to shock value) my heart skips a beat and my left hand just drops off the grip.

    I was desperately trying to keep my concentration on the road since I've nearly been merged into a few times going across the bridge, and lets be realistic, the garden variety completelyobliviostoeverythingsoccermum is far more dangerous then this spider.

    Eventually I calm down, quite proud of my self for not doing anything stupid and realise its just a huntsman anyway. I finish my trip to work, very happy I can comfortably do clutchless shifts. Meanwhile the spider just decides to chill on my left handgrip. (Easily covering 90% of the area of it I can see) Pull into the car park at work, leap off the bike, then try remove the spider as it dashes under my fuel tank, never to be seen again.

    The worst part of the whole thing: Every morning when I go to jump on my bike there's ALWAYS spider web on it that I've got to clean off.
    But I still cant find the bloody spider, even having pulled off nearly all the panels.

    Edit: Silly grammar
  2. Haha - Great subject line and story mate.

    But I hate to break it to you.... Huntsmen do not spin webs.

    So.... Either you have another type of spider residing in your fairings in addition to your mobile handgrip warmer, or it wasn't a huntsmen after all.

    If it's not a huntsmen then some options might be...

    Wolf Spider (unlikely as they like to live underground and are often called trap-door spiders)

    Funnel Web (unlikely as you are not dead and they'd probably have eaten your tires by now :D)

    Redback (possible as they do leave web strands but they are more "fishing" for prey than trying to catch it in a net, but they aren't that big either)

    Golden Orb Weaver (possible cause of the webs on your bike as they like to set up their big webs in the same place and it takes a while to discourage them)

    Great story nonetheless though (y)

    Fun Ha!
  3. Yet another reason to ATGATT
  4. :-s That's a worrying reply. The spider I saw was defiantly a huntsman.

    The webs are really tattered, although they cant be more then a day old, they look about a week old when I clean them off in the morning.

    Oh well, time to give the bike a respray... With surface spray :D
  5. :D

    BTW - Great job in keeping the thing upright.

    Your encounter with the spider could have been worse...

    --> LINKY

  6. You are wearing bike gloves…
    Swat the F#$ker and get it over with.
  7. Love the story - really funny!

    But seriously - leather glove=swatted off the handlebar.
  8. I was thinking about doing that, then had horrible images of swatting the handlebar, resulting in my veering into the car left of me. Or missing and the spider running up my quite loose jacket sleeve.

    After I realized what kind of spider it was, I didn't really have a problem with it being there :p still didn't want it on me though.
  9. Good story and nice work to stay upright.

    It's easy enough to say "Just swipe it and be done with it" when your sitting at a desk. Bit harder in the middle of traffic at speed !!!

    Why don't you go out to your bike at night, the spider will probably be hanging out on his web, ready to be terminated :cool:
  10. Liberal doses of mortein on the bike in the garage then close the garage door and come back next day.
    Spider will have skedaddled.
  11. Funny this spider story comes about as this was in The Age today.

    Incy-wincy spider causes world of pain for skinny-dipping tourist
    What a place to get bitten!

    But just two weeks ago, jumped on the bike and a few k's down the road, massive cockroach walks across the inside of my visor. Couldn't feakin stop quick enough.
    When I got home told the missus, last time I'm leaving helmet in garage...
  12. I had an XJ900..I saw one of those eight legged freaks walk casually over the speedo (he covered it with the span of his legs) only to disappear down behind the instrument cluster. I had a leather jacket on as well as my gloves,so I was feeling almost fearless,but having being bitten by one yonks ago before I pulled over to hunt the bastard down. A police car pulled along side to ask if I was ok and why I was stopped where I was...poking around under the fuel with a stick, I told them I had a hitch-hiker of the eight legged variety... "good luck with that mate" and they drove off ! WTF? They had firearms...never found the bugger.
    I rode home with an incredibly heightened sense of awareness..once the bike had cooled I doused it with Mortien..only to find that the bugger had either become immune or migrated somewhere else.
    I hates those critters.
  13. Your huntsman probably crawled next to the warm engine the night before and then was driven out by the hot engine while you were riding along.

    I've had a huntsman crawl from between the layers of my jacket just as I arrived at work and got off my bike. Jacket got taken off and the spider shaked off.
  14. You guys are all pansies!

    They are just spiders :)
  15. well, the good news is, huntsmans don't weave webs and they are very territorial... sooo, the hunstmans gone.

    ...the bad news is, something that's weaving a web frightenned the huntsman away...
    and pound for pound, a huntsman is a pretty big tough bastard in the spider kingdom...
    ...so whatever scared it of is going to have to be one big badass mofo spider.
  16. Reminds me of the high temp warning on my Mini years ago...if the radiator boiled the steam would come out of the split overflow hose and rise up the frame on the left of the windscreen, then come out a tear in the roof lining, near the rear view mirror. A huntsman lived in there, and the first warning of a hot engine was when he came out of his home and hung on the mirror. Much more attention grabbing than a warning light!
  17. just spray some citrus oil around you bike - orange power (cleaning agent) works perfectly. spiders will all be gone.
  18. Lol best thread I've seen this year. I've had some bad encounters in cars with them
  19. what, spiders cant have fun to? leave it, probably a biker in its past life :)