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The real cause of global warming

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by FALCON-LORD, May 31, 2007.

  1. Once again the real logic is coming out of Arkansas


  2. Oh my god.... :shock:
  3. I though it might have been TNDadUSA but it's a democrat newpaper :grin:
  4. The problem is there are a lot of people out there who believe daylight savings actually gives them an extra hour of daylight.

    Like all the people who complain because it will fade their curtains, etc, etc.
  5. :shock: Oh man, if there weren't so many morons that believe that sort of thing it would be funny. :shock:

    Ok, yeah its funny :rofl:

    You know what would help that pesky global warming? More guns!
  6. Or turning the aircon in their SUV/Pickup to maximum and winding the windows down.
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Well dang my sodbusters! Paw ‘n’ me allus said that the pesky sun were t’blame fur all them Democrats ‘n’ liberals 'n' evolushunists 'n' all. ‘N now they dang-blasted nooz paper, fitten f’r the long-drop ‘n’ dang-all else, done print they Truth fer a change.

    Drat. Land o’ Goshen. What’’ll they varmints think on naixt?
  9. Yo cuz :LOL:
  10. Phewwww! I reaaallly didn't want to believe that someone that wrote so eloquently was really that seriously dumb!
  11. oh looks like the yanks are following qld's theory that daylight savings actually causes an extra hour of daylight

    i still remember the day i heard on the radio up there, they were having people ring up saying why they thought qld shouldnt adopt daylight saving like the majority of the country one womans response

  12. I think that because Phillip Island is not part of the mainland, we should be able to have laws of our own.
    The main one being daylight savings all year round. The rest of Australia would be welcome to follow our lead. :cool:
    I am sure that we could find some material that didnt fade more due to the extra sunlight lol :-w
  13. That is the same as a chick in Adelaide had a go at the SA government for having an "extra hour of daylight" she blamed this "extra daylight" for fading her curtains and tried to make the government reimburse her for the cost of new ones.

    Obviously the government laughed in her face and told her to get a tissue and some better quality curtains. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. One counter-argument is that if you have little kids they have to go to bed before sunset and you need to pull the curtains to make their room dark so they will go to sleep.

    Without daylight saving they would be going to bed around sunset, and you wouldn't need to pull the curtains. Therefore daylight saving means you have to pull curtains and expose them to an hour of sunlight they wouldn't otherwise be exposed to.

    So daylight saving really can fade your curtains!

    (hey, I'm just reporting it, not necessarily supporting it!)