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The Ranga, the religous or the other runs

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Here's my problem, I am by tradition a Liberal voter, but can't bring myself to vote for the ultra religous plonk that the Lib's have put up, and for the love of me I can't figure out what the Libs election policies are.........

    I would vote Greens if I was assured my vote would not be given off as preference's, but alas that won't happen ....... So for the first time in my 30+ years of voting I may just possibly vote Labor........ I like the Ranga's attitude, she is the only leader out there to show any form of "ballage"..... I am not a big fan of Swan, I reckon she could find a better deputy, but let's face it......how good to you have to be to beat Abbott....

    Some may say you vote the party in, not the leader, but I reckon any party who puts Abbott up as their leader aint that smart.
  2. Vote sex party: You'll be sure to get a happy ending.
  3. If you want to vote Greens, it's up to you to mark the preference you want. When parties trade preferences all they do is recommend (via their "How to Vote" cards) how you should vote.

    How you allocate preferences is entirely up to you. Certainly I never follow a how to vote card for the Senate esopecially (there's no way I'd give a preference to some of the assorted loonies that run there)
  4. With the "choice" ( I use that word in mocking jest ) being between the "mad monk" and the "menopausal red",
    IMHO......why bother.
    unfuggin-believable...... being forced to make a choice between these 2 packs of useless oxygen thieves.
  5. Hey In Vic we are running head long into two useless decision opportunities.
    Federal The Mad Monk, Or Julia…
    State Baillieu or Brumby
    The incumbents are not particularly good, and the opposition is non existent, and the most effective way to ensure a strong government is to have a strong opposition.
    Seriously we are F$#ked at all levels of government.
  6. Giving a vote to a party like the sex party equates to direct federal funding. Give them a vote :)
  7. On top of that, the Sex party will love you long time.
  8. like someone else said, you put the preferences you want on the voting slip.

    Alas due to the two party preferred system you have to make a choice between labor and the coalition, ultimately putting who you least like last.

    I wish we had a one vote per person so if you wanted you didn't have to pick between the two and not have to potentially give them a vote at all.
  9. I heard on the news this morning that the Greens had stitched up a preferences deal where the Greens would support Labor in the lower house for Labor preferences in the senate that should give them balance of power. Doesn't apply to all seats though, so have a good look if you live in the inner city... (Vale Lindsay Tanner, R.I.P.)

    Just found this:
  10. If you only vote 1 in the lower house card your preferences will be allocated for you (is this NSW or federal?).

    In the Senate you need to mark all the boxes below the line to control your preferences. At least this way you can put the Greens or Democrats before either Labor or Liberal.
  11. Putting Labor and Liberal last will at least give the independents and Greens the best chance of getting lower house seats. The more of these we have the better Australia will be.

    IMO, Lindsay Tanner was the most capable politician in parliament. I was hoping he was the one who took over from Rudd but alas that is not to be.
  12. I'll be putting the various god bothers on the senate ticket last, followed by Liberal and Labor. We need to get as many different voices into parliament as we can.
  13. Yep like we need a family first senator like the last election like we need a hole in the head.
    I hope they learned from the last election.
  14. Yep, they made them the front bench of the "Liberal" party.

  15. That leads to circumstances where a party that people really dislike can win with a minority of the vote - especially if there are a lot of candidates. It also makes it possible to run a spoiler candidate to split votes.


    Say you had several parties running in a tiny electorate of 100people where 70 people were passionate motorcyclists and the other 30 hated them and wanted to ban them.

    The Anti-motorcycle party (AMP)
    The Green Conservative Party (GCP)
    Independent Religious Nutbag (IRN)

    so the AMP gets 30 votes
    the Libs get 28 votes
    the ALP gets 18 votes
    the IRN get 12 votes
    the GCP gets 5 votes
    and the Greens get 7 votes.

    The Religious Nutbag Party was actually a candidate put up by the AMP to hive off votes from the Tony Abbott faction of the Libs.

    Under a first past the post arrangement arrangement the AMP wins even though 70% of the electorate really really did not want them. (These 70 people would normally put the AMP last on their preference list)

    With a preferential system
    Now under this system the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and the votes then distributed according to the first preferences.

    So the GCP's preferences are distributed - 4 go to the Libs and 1 to the ALP.

    So we now have
    AMP - 30
    Libs - 32
    ALP - 21
    IRN - 12
    Greens - 7

    Since no one has a majority then the lowest number now get knocked off.
    All 7 Green voting preferences go to the Libs (the locals are only a very light green) :)

    Libs 39
    AMP 30
    ALP 21
    IRN 12

    Again the IRN preferences are distributed and all of them put their second choice as the Libs, which gives the Liberals 51 - a majority. The evil Anti-Motorcycling party lost.

    Clearly more people preferred the Libs ahead of any one else. While most didn't put them first, enough people preferred them to get in if their favoured party didn't win. While the ALP didn't win, it's a major consolation to those voters that the party they hated most didn't.
  16. Well done there Tony - I've suddenly got a new-found appreciation for the preferential system, and I haven't even been drinking.
  17. Was looking at the pirate party but they didn't get the paper work in on time, might go the sex party now... unless there's a motorcycleist party out there I have missed.

  18. If you vote the sex party don't you run the risk of having a hung Parliament
  19. Well they are going to screw you anyway. You may as well make it worth while.
  20. +1

    I fear for the day when the only reds left in the Labor party are Julia Gillard's hair and Barry Jones's socks. Unfortunately its a fact proven time and again by our history that the major parties can safely move towards the centre and sell out their own constituency. They only real exception to this has been when they've been outflanked, by One Nation for the Libs in the 1990s, and now, unfortunately for Lindsay Tanner, the Greens for Labour...

    (this is not intended as criticism of the Greens!)