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The Rain Brings Them Out - 3 idiots in 15 minutes

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MrShadow, Sep 6, 2014.

  2. Get over it and move on.
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  3. Exactly - none of them phased me at all. Saw them coming (well, except for the one pulling into a turning lane - but had plenty of room to pull up). Even though I commute on a daily basis, and have done for 3 years, this is the first time I've had so many idiots in the one trip.
  4. they guy pulling into the turning lane indicated seven times before moving... why was this a surprise to you?
  5. If any of the above were memorable enough to remember long enough to download the footage then you are a very lucky man.
  6. It wasn't so much a "surprise" as I knew he was turning so wasn't accelerating as quickly, just in case. Him slowing down before merging was more of an annoyance than anything. There was plenty of room for him to merge and then slow down safely. Instead, he slows down before merging, risking a rear-end accident if the person behind him wasn't expecting it.
  7. How long have you been riding?
  8. 3 years. Probably stepped up to the Street Triple a bit early - it won't be pushing my limits anytime soon. But the bike itself is just so predictable and easy to handle, I haven't had any troubles in the 6 months I've had it. Used to average between 500-1000 km per week in the car, so nothing really surprises me anymore.
  9. Nothing in this video surprised me either. This is daily stuff, really
  10. Yep. Once you spend that much time on the road, you know what look out for.
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  11. Sit on one intersection near here when it's raining and you'll see more like 15 idiots in 3 minutes. All. Day. Long. Mostly young blokes wanting to get their utes sideways on the slippery corner, but plenty just not taking the wet road into consideration.
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  12. All I see is three pretty normal drivers, LOL.
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  13. What rain. FFS @OP.

    Get a clue. Ditch the camera. Ride with purpose.

    Harden the Fark up. If this ruffled your feathers I am seriously concerned.
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  14. It's a pretty common theme this. "I got a new cam, I wanna show off my new cam. Oh nothing at all interesting happened on my cam so I'll be outraged by some non events. Other riders will have sympathy if i call the drivers names and like how awesomely I can film traffic".

    They need to put a warning on gopro boxes: Do not publish any videos until something worthy of other people's time occurs.
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  15. It's a nice bike to step up to when you get your full license.
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  16. Only three idiots in 15 min's? Was this at 3:00am or something?
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  17. I would suggest filtering that section on Dane Drive. The lanes are nice and wide and vehicles often merge Right there. In the morning peak hour he would have held you up in your own lane as the merging lane is not long enough for the usual queue. Filtering is more important in the wet as the cages are more likely to lock it up on a bit of oil.

    Just a suggestion, but I know not everyone likes to filter. I don't see too many on the Central Coast. It won't save you a lot of time in most instances around here, so its more for the safety benefits.
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  18. Yes Netrider usually produces much more than that.
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  19. It sure was. From a CBR250R to the Street. Was quite a big step up actually, just having that much power in pretty much any gear. Plus the massive upgrade in suspension and other components. But loving every minute.

    I one of those who don't like to filter. Don't know why... Might take a rear-ender to change my attitude, though I hope not!

    Well, it was a wet, rainy Saturday afternoon :) Seriously though, for this particular trip, 3 is a bit unusual
  20. Pretty sure I missed something in this video, nothing stands out to me at all??

    Find people pay more attention in the rain.. its when its 25 and sunny, when your going to come-a-cropper.