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The rage, the cage, the fury...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sir_b, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. I'm still hyped from it and it was 30 minutes ago...

    Went to Beach Rd with NBH tonight and on the way back down Punt Rd had a cage change lanes into me without an indicator (I was right along side the passenger window at the time). Swerve, horn, the guy looked over at me and kept coming, more swerve and full throttle to get out of the way (it's bloody lucky there was no one beside me on the left or they'd be scraping me off the road right now).
    To say I was p!ssed is an understatement. As soon as I cleared I turned around and looked at the guy and I think that's when he clicked and backed off, I'm completely off throttle waiting for him to catch up and he got further and further back behind me. Lucky for both of us he did because I was ready to go all groberts on his ar$e :)

    Does everyone agree that it's completely normal to lose your stack when someones stupidity risks your life, or do I need anger management classes? :)

  2. Arent you meant to not ride next to others like that if there is any possible way to avoid? I have been riding for 4min so i maybe wrong :)
  3. Completely normal to be angry I reckon. Had a similar incident myself this arvo with a car trying to change into my lane who then proceeded to try and chase me. What made it worse was it was a friggin L-plater with his Mum in the drivers seat - nice to see they start training stupidity early :roll:.
  4. Where do you ride in traffic then? Being around cars on Punt road is a fact of life, the only thing you can do is avoid being in blind spots, and alongside the windows is about as visible as it gets.

    The guy didn't even realise he was changing lanes, just a complete toss pot who has no right to be on the road. (He cut NBH off pretty badly too, who was right behind me at the time).

  5. Id say normal, if someone risks your life like that and realises it was a mistake and apologises thats a little better, but if the person has the audacity to think their mistake is somehow justified and not care for your life, then I wouldnt mind if i had to abuse/punish them.
  6. Yes and no.

    I suppose the technical answer is you should not be traveling next to the car if you could avoid it to prevent something like that happening. You can say that its his fault, but that won't stop it happening next time you ride next to a tosser. They will never change, so you have to or be scraped off the road. Unfair but true I suppose.

    The real world answer is I would be pissed as hell and give him a mouthful to. :twisted:
  7. i understand totally what ur saying as i have been in the same situation
    i ride down punt road as well most days they are fine but have had the occasional idiot in the box :LOL:
    look im all ears here as well as i dont want to get into violence but theres gotta be another way around things
    though i have seen one guy in a car purposly swerve to hit a guy on a bike and at the next set of lights the guy on the bike put the stand down, got of his bike and walked to the guy in the car....
    guy in car saw the biker coming towards him and gets out to confrount him.....
    guy from car makes the first swing that connects to helmet :shock:
    (why hit a biker in the helmet??????) :shock:
    guy from bike scrounches up carbon fibre nuckle gloves and give him the biggest hit i have seen for ages
    guy from car drops like a sack of SH!T
    bike rider goes back to bike and rides off
    cage driver still on ground...
    moral of story if life threating do something about it....maybe not as voilent though :grin:
  8. How horrible! Thank heavens you are okay. Having been a witness to such an event, its never pretty! In our case driver had several goes at my Husband, deliberating swerving at him and changing lanes to have another go and then buggered off down the SE with Husband in pursuit. Fool in car (Suzuki Swift) thought he could outrun a sportsbike. Husband caught him and punched him before riding off again. I had to ride home alone still hyperventilating and had to have a bex, a cup of tea and a good lie down - and not to mention a few tears. Husband is a burly bloke but very kind and gentle, the kind that wouldn't hurt anything and he lost it - so no I don't think you need anger management - just a stiff drink. But the important thing is you are okay! and try to remember that people who see you and still do this type of stuff are capable of anything - sometimes you should just let it go. Its hard I know and you will be angry for a while yet....
  9. Pelus, I think it's unreasonable to expect a rider to never be beside a car (we were passing, but that's beside the point). There are three lanes of traffic, if I sit back enough from him to not be in his blind spot, then the cage behind him is along side me. It's impossible to drive with traffic and not be beside someone or in someone's blind spot and I think the safer of the two is beside someone where you're extremely visible.

  10. Thanks girl, nice to know I'm under the curve with my temper these days :)

  11. I would have done the same. I blow my stack if people don't look and all they have to do is look cus my pass light is always flashing is ignorance a reason to kill some one NO so if a cager risks my life I will let him/her grandmar/grampa what I think and if justfied they will have a foot print in there car or be one less wing mirror
  12. ok, maybe controversial, but i think anger as a first reaction is a guy-thing. i'm too busy feeling shaken, trying to collect myself and finding somewhere safe on the road. frankly, my first reaction is i wanna cry .... but i never would if there were guys around :)
  13. I appologise. I agree sometimes its just impossible to do and I didn't mean to preach if thats how it came accross. Just from your post I got the impression that traffic was light and you were riding beside him.

    More a "avoid it if you can" type of thing.
  14. Trep: the guy didn't look because the moron didn't ever reaslise he was moving across a lane, mistakes happen but what gets me is that me tooting and swerving beside him didn't even tip him off that maybe he was coming into my lane. Complete dead head.

    Carri: It certainly could be a guy thing in these kind of situations. I think women are just as likely (if not more so) to get angry at emotionally driven situations, but when physical safety is threatened I think a lot of men are more likely to turn to fight rather than flight than women.

  15. Pelus: I know you meant no offense or to preach but I'm still hyped, so excuse my bluntness :)
    I completely agree that when possible stay away from cars, but traffic was surprisingly heavy on Punt Rd tonight for that late at night and there was literally no where to be other than in the middle of it.

  16. To be perfectly honest...no. This may sound trite but anger is a real enemy to you in these situations and likely to cause you some severe pain somewhere down the line if you don't learn to control it. Just concentrate on staying upright and move on to the next 'obstacle' because it's there whether you notice it or not...

    That said I realise it's much easier said than done. :) I've found that I instinctively remain calm when riding and engaging in other similar activities - maybe I'm just lucky. However, turn in some sloppily written software and I'm likely to send the proverbial chair in your direction. Fortunately, crap web developers never killed anyone. ;-)
  17. People like that should not have a licence or children that will grow up like them and eventually drive like a dick head aswell.
  18. I think something barbaric and hormonal kicks in when someone else does something stupid that endangers your life. When you endanger your life andrenaline kicks in and you get a rush from it that usually results in a 'woah, that was stupid' rection... but when the adrenaline kicks in because of someone else's actions it usually results in that adrenaline turning to anger targetted at the individual who caused it.

    I know when the recent tw@t in a black BMW X5 4WD almost took me out on Citylink all common sense went out the window and i pursued for a round of verbal abuse and a bash on the window. F'n retard was packin darkies and pretending he couldn't see my fist on his window less than a foot from his head. :twisted:
  19. With regard to lane positioning, I don't consider myself visible until I'm slightly in front of the car. And then there's another car in front, so I'm off gettig in front of that one.

    Keep moving up through the traffic, and do it aggressively, that's my game plan. Gets you seen and wakes people up.
  20. don't think i can argue with that. frankly i think it's a pretty healthy thing to be able to get angry as a first call in that situation. gives you the adrenilin (sp?) that gives you the strength which can be used to get away effectively. though not so useful if you end up in a blue of course (imagine emoticon with black eye inserted here :))