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The race to 2000

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Posts.

    With Mouth only 18 shy of the magic 2000 posts as I type this can Matt232 make up the 220 odd posts he's behind and be the first to get to 2000 posts?

    Somehow I don't think so.

    Well done on in advance on getting to 2000 Mouth. Although be careful opening the front door, it could be Matt232 coming to break your fingers to try and slow you down :wink: :p
  2. I reckon RC will give mouth a run for the first to 2000... :LOL:
  3. Nah.

    Reckon it's too late for that but the race is on for 2500 or 3000 and my money is on RC as well.
  4. My money is on Mouth , considering he's only 9 away . 8)
  5. We reached 2,000 registered users on the forums last Saturday .. does that count? :)
  6. How does 2,000 users compare with other similar special interest fora on the 'Net, does anyone know??
  7. The record should go today, (unless it's a lovely riding day in Melbourne, then probably tonight!!)
    (Is anyone running a book on Mouth????)
  8. Gr8 day for riding . Im heading off in 20 minutes .
  9. My other haunt on the net


  10. woo-hoo

    I know this is OT (except hinted at above) but I've just got back from an exhilarating ride, up Macquarie Pass, DIDN'T stop at the Robbo Pie Shop, down Jamberoo Pass and into Kiama, then back to Jamberoo and home. Too many dozy cages, but fabulous weather, sounds like it is good in Melbourne too! (Must be, not as many posters as usual)
    What bikes are made for, and, the chicken strips are getting a little thinner (but they're still mediocre!) :roll:
  11. Just want to put this in prospective , 2000 is a great feat and hopefully will continue to grow but is there any way to gauge how many active users there are ?
  12. Depends what you consider active. Lay a stick down and say has logged-in with the last 3 months, then it's a high percentage. Say posters and the percentage is lower .. but there are many lurkers out there just reading and enjoying. There is also a few repeat visitors who have yet to register. It's quite interesting to look at some of the IP's that some vistors/users come from too :)
  13. Wellllll ......

    You can't just say something like that and leave it hanging, man, spill the stuff, c'mon!!!!! (not that we're gossip-mongers here on the forum, no, of course not.....)
  14. No worries Jason . Was just curious is all . Get those netrider cards out there people.