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The quietest helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mikkey, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. I know it is a very subjective issue, but I am interested in finding a helmet with a low wind noise level as I have speakers for music in the helmet instead of ear phones. My Shoei is a very good helmet but quite "loud".

    I heard that Schubert (BMW) helmets are very good in this regard, but they are not available in Australia.

    Any suggestions / opinions?
  2. I have a few helmets, my Shark RS2R is the quietest by far, I dont need ear plugs with this one. Difference being the padding over around the ear which eliminates the wind turbulance in around your ear opening. Even at 200km/h+ its still reasonable campared to my others.

    Its gorgeously light, crossweaved carbon fibre and Kevlar. And very stable at high speed.

    Make sure you try it on first though, dont just get one over the net, it is a different fitting to the Shoei so it may or may not suit your head.

    Havent tried the newer "Race R Pro" which might be worth a go too..
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  3. helmet noise can depend on your windscreen and where the air stream hits you. is it always noisy or quiet in some spots and noisy in others? wind noise can also come from turbulence if the liner isn't tightish on your neck. a windjammer quietened mine down.
    it would be a bugger to buy a new helmet and find it doesn't solve the problem.
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  4. I think the BMW Motorbike Place in South Melbourne stock helmets. Just give them a call & find out if they do.
  5. Where did you buy the windjammer? I might give it a try first.
  6. NOT an arai.
  7. got my windjammer on ebay. tonyproline I think it was. in the UK
  8. quiet = no ventilation

  9. Ordered it. Thanks for the tip.
  10. +1 for the windjammer. I've got an AGV K4 and it was quite loud & i didn't wanna ride around town with ear plugs in (could barely hear anything outside)

    the windjammer quietens it down by quite a bit and now i can even hear the wind hitting/getting deflected from the vents on the helmet :)

    have had it for about 6-7months or so and ridden in rain as well and only had to adjust it once a few weeks ago.
  11. BMW System 6 =D>

    If anyone wants to get one this month, I have a discount code for Rainbow BMW in UK valid until 29th February :beer:
  12. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I have an Arai helmet, and (as the sales guys said) they are not quiet, but was the only one that really fit my "round" head well. Would love to try and silence it a little.
  13. If you are listening to music through your helmet speakers then they are competing with all the other noise, e.g. road, wind, helmet, engine, exhaust, etc. I use musician's earplugs with a 15db filter which effectively lowers the background noise such that the music/wireless is predominant and much, much clearer.

    They aren't cheap, but they're very effective and long term will help protect you against hearing loss :)
  14. If you want cheap, $20 logitech canalphones have 26db isolation.