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The pursuit was called off..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Incontinentia, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Let's see Spruce defend this one.

  2. haven't seen sprucey for a while . funny the noise the cop made when they collided
  3. Numpties.
  4. must be net coppers
  5. Just goes to show the exact meaning of "the accident occurred after the chase".... By after the police obviously mean during.
  6. So these are the cops that are meant to protect the community? fcuking idiots having a chase like that over a dude doing a U turn.
  7. Ancient history? 2011? Why has it surfaced now?

  8. Probably because the inquiry as to who was at fault, how it happened etc. has concluded.

    Police can determine your's or my fault in an accident based on speculation assumptions on the spot, but when they crash it takes a 3 year enquiry... probably so that when they release the findings people can't remember what the enquiry was about.

    I will however make the following points.
    1. it might have been a simple traffic matter, but the guy ran.

    2. why did he run? was their a kidnapped child in the back? 5 guys with shotguns on their way to a bank robbery? turned out he didn't have a license but who knew?

    3. when did the helicopter get involved? 5 minutes before the end of the chase? it takes time to a. start the helicopter up b. clear the air space for the helicopter to take off c. fly to the destination. d. locate the target. e. radio dispatchers to confirm and then have the chasing cars back off

    4. VIC has less pursuits than NSW... VIC has much smaller road network, population, and from what i can gather a small portion of the middle eastern crime in NSW

    5. If police didn't pursue people would anyone ever stop for RBT, speed traps? would there be a dramatic increase in armed robberies with the knowledge that police will not pursue you?
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    Chase lasted 10 minutes. Chopper was already in the air.

    But sure, tell us more about Victoria's shoot first ask later cops.

    Well, it's clearly not a problem in Vic or QLD is it?
  10. lol, they couldn't even catch a van.

    Speeding kills... but then it's okay to speed and drive on the wrong side of the road, and u-turn into on coming traffic, if chasing a u-turn criminal!
  11. I'm at a loss for words at this video.

    thats fcuked.
  12. A van...
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  13. Lucky our police receive all that extra training making them better drivers. You know, the training that makes it okay for them to ignore road rules.
    But then they can't even follow some bloke in a van without crashing into each other.
  14. I would like to see the full unedited video footage with full audio from both police car cams, I think there's a lot more goofiness going on than what is shown in that heavily edited mishmash shown.

  15. That's the icing on the cake. They couldn't even catch a van.
  16. Has this been removed? Cannot see :(
  17. No, you are suffering the same issue I am from netriders dodgy webisite. Try going to youtube and searching this dM331Y4YIHQ
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  18. Strange, I can see it just fine. WinXP with Firefox.