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The purpose of a good Tail End Charlie:

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ward_4e, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Is to provide some level of protection from cars by providing a buffer between the pack or rider/s ahead. There by making sure the riders in front of you do not feel pressured and all feel comfortable on their ride.

    Its a simple rule, it helps both experenced riders and inexperenced riders, protects people and above all else saves people from harm.

    I'm out for a bit I will post again later after I get back from the chemists.
  2. did you have an oopsie?
  3. Yeah, And thanks to Jeff Kahler who tail ended 35 of us on the NSW learners (Sydney Ride) today. Good on you for coming along. And going back up the road to slow traffic when we had the CBR in the Bushes incident.

  4. he did - but not his fault - wardie was a GREAT tail-end charlie for me - protected me else it would have been me not him.......

    stoooooooopid cagers...... :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. ooooooooh, it all falls in to place. and now you owe it to him to CONTINUE riding kezza. otherwise it was for nothing.....right? ;)

    bummer, but its luck of the draw when it comes to cagers :(

    hope you heal well ward_4e, im sure you get a purple heart or something for your efforts :)
  6. Good onya Zac.. taking one for the team!!!!
    too bad about the trumpy tho :cry:

    Keep us informed on what happens bloke

    & don't worry Kezza, could happen anytime, to anyone.

  7. sheesh..

    I do a fair bit of tec.. not sure I want to now..
    what happened?
  8. trying not to worry jj, or play the 'if only' or 'what if' game........

    must admit i nearly lost it when one of the towies was the same guy who towed my daughter's car last year.....
  9. As I understand it, Zac was riding "shotgun" for Kezza so she could get some riding time. Kezza stalled it at the lights, so Zac waited, the car behind waited, but the car behind that was impatient... exit one TT600 (Zacs)

    I was going to tag along today, except for yet another nail in the tyre.. seems I got off easy :?
  10. yeah that's pretty much it - cept there was another car too - one full of hoons - who all wanted to have a piece of me and zac even tho it was really their fault....
  11. Maybe I should have been there... :evil:

    nuffin like smackin hoons upside the head on a sunday to make the weekend complete :p
  12. i think if the cops hadn't been there that's what they wanted to do to me and zac.....

    for once i liked the cops......
  13. Aren't they just soooo tough when they outnumber a lady and a bloke who's in shock after getting tail ended.

    I intensely dislike hoons :evil:
  14. damm and I was too sore to go from my boxing class...

  15. coool! the fat bloke shouts abuse, while the cute boxing chick punches them out :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. i would have hated to have admitted to them that i have a brown belt in karate.........altho it could have been a bit of fun.........if they'd got any closer to the bikes..........

    and if i'd not been so icky.......
  17. :shock:

    remind me to behave myself

  18. think you'd better :LOL: :LOL:

    no more knocking my toys over :p
  19. ok lets see directions.... Take two capulets every four hours to evey six hours when required.... Do not take more than 8 in 24 hours or you can kiss your liver, kidneys and testicals good bye... well i'm single and dont ride anymore so screw my balls.

    Ok Lades and gentlemen back story:

    Yesterday I completed a two day advanced rider course and made arrangements to meet up with two friends to go riding... One couldnt come because of nail in his tyre so I decided to continue on and take kezz to her ride to redcliffe.

    Just as an a side take your ass and your ride to an advanced course I am in admoration of the people who imparted a lot of skills all of them improved my riding by an imeasurable amount. I was leaning out from my bike counter steering and leaning the TT so much that i was spalling the edge of the tyre. I completed my first full complete true emergency stop ever. Then under direction from the instructor to try harder performed a full emergecy stoppie from 120!!! I had my best day of riding ever on my Trumpy!!! The roadcraft leasons and the education on the closed roads were unreal.

    But thats just it is closed road scenario. The real world is most definatley not.

    Today I met up with Kezz so she could feel confident enough to ride to redcliffe. I was then going for a ride up MT mee. I'm sure she really didnt need a chaperone but i was more than happt to provide a TEC for her so she didnt have to worry about the Cars or the trucks behind her.

    Anzac Ave is a three lane aterial road headding in to redcliffe, straight clean black tarmac controlled by three trafic lights. Its a 60KmH zone.

    Kezz is ahead of me as we approach the traffic at Light set 2 we are 100m away from the lights in traffic and I have left a good 2m between kezz's rear tyre and my front tyre. I check my mirrors to notice a burgandy magna behind me at a respectable distance of 2ish meters quite large by queensland standards. The lights go green.

    Kezz unfortunatley stalls her virago. What happens next is totaly undenyably no her fault in anyway. I sit still in gear with my foot on the rear brake. You have to be seen as my instructor told me the day before. Keep you foot on your brake even after you have taken off it provides a gap as the driver wont 100% realise you have moved off till you light goes out.

    I do not move as to hold the traffic so the rider infront has time to start an go. I look back the magna closes the distace to 1.5m ish and realises what has happend and kindly waits. I hear kez start and i'm sure she moves a bit, then I hear screeching tyres.

    This is what happens in a real world scenario.

    That all to familiar crunching sound begins and I am kicked in the tail end wrenching my head back and I am knocked forward a meter and a bit. My TT is on its side and running the back wheel is spinning i hit the kill switch an see oil fountaing out of my bike some where. Kerry is fine i am just about level with her and she is completley unscathed. I look back to see the carnage... Three cars written off and one broken, bleeding yellow Triumph TT600. Yesterday I was lapping bikes now....

    The magna has been rear ended, knocked forward by a blue camry whom I can only assume was sitting directly behind the Magna... Behind that in the adjacent lane is a grey commodore. Its hit so hard that the front left quater pannel has crushed back to the fire wall and the front wheel has folded back up underneath the car. Newtons Crade effect has knocked the cars forward and collected me.

    my tounge feels fuzzy from these pills....

    Before I pick up my TT I shepard Kezz out of her lane and over to the sholder. Then the bogan driver starts. I block him out as I have more important things on my mind, I check the driver of the car behind me. He is fine so is his partner... More bogan giberish.... I check on the young guy in the car behind his grandfather is fine shaken but fine. More abuse on reckless bike rider blah blah threats against my mother and sister... I walk back and make Sure kez is fine Shake but ok. Good all the improtant people are fine walk back towards the drivers to get them to move out of the way of the cars.... and suddenly accoring to the bogan i have been sleeping with men all my life... Guys I'm sorry i just like girls, doesnt mean I wount buy you a G&T and have a chat.

    I call the police 000 and inform them of a multiple car accident on anzac ave thy confirm my address via tracking and dispatch cars. The driver bogan looks scared in amongst the swearing moves his car off the right hand lane onto the green divide and vanishes!!!! leaves tha accident site.. I Pick up my bike to watch a liter or so of oil pour out of the fairings from somewhere and bits of right side fairing fall off... with the bogans gone and the camry's hazzard lights on we wait infront of the magna. A little old lady fronts up and and introduces herself, she expplains that she was passed at speed by the commodore and saw the entire crash. I ask very polietley if she would provide a statement to police and she agrees

    The police are there within 3 minutes. I have come to believe that they really do serve and protect after today. The assessed the scene move us off the road and asked us to identify our selves and which cars and motorcycle we were the riders of. They noticed quite quickly that the grey commodores driver and passenger were gone. About five minutes later a bogan crowd started to form... The police organised tow trucks, took my statement. Realising that the driver of the comm was probably unstable seperated him and the bogan gang that had turned up from us and took everyone elses statement. I called my youngest brother for a lift.

    With all that over the din i head four words: I'm havnta licence coppa.

    With the licence and insurance information exchanged the tow trucks moved the magna, camry and I loaded my triumph on to the flatbed. The police officer we had delt with all the way through made it clear form the outset that nether I the magna or the camry drivers were at fault and the insurance companies would be sueing for dammages from the commodore driver.

    I will be making a claim against the magana driver for all damages to my motorcycle. With that i watched the truck move off with my baby, to the lights 100m down the road and back up the other side of anzac ave. The bogan started to make a lot of threats and the police offered to take kerry and myself back to the police station while we wait for a lift.

    Kerry was a trooper, but in no state to ride her virago back to her house so I rode her bike to and from the police station and out to her house. I wasn't her fault. I wasn't my fault but as the world turns its turned to be my time for a major crash.

    Now life goes on. I hurt have xrays and painkillers and no motorcycle. But I'm alive. I will miss riding with you guys and girls and the tt600. :cry:
  20. and all i can add is:

    thank you sooo much wardie.........