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The Punt

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fewy, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Anyone here enjoy horse racing?
    I love it and have made my living out of it for the past 18 years.
    Today is the pinnacle of our sport and a great days racing at Flemington.
    Some tips
    Flemington Race 5
    #6 Northern Meteor and #7 Fist of Fury
    Flemington Race 6
    #9 Barbaricus each way
    Flemington Race 7
    #1 Whobegotyou (is favourite and will be short)
    Flemington Race 8
    #1 Forensics and #5 Gallant Tess with a rough chance to #8 Bellini Rose
    Flemington Race 8
    #8 Hot Danish and #9 Fritzs Princess
    Gold Coast Race 1
    #1 Chicago Boy and #5 Liberica
    Race 2
    #1 My Request
    Race 3
    #1 San Isidoro
    Race 5
    #3 Kalkie Kane and #8 Savana Royale
    Race 6 #1 D'Elcatraz and #3 Bugsytwoshoes
    Race 7 #3 Feline Flyer
    Good luck if you are having a punt

  2. I enjoy horsepower. This is similar, yes?
  3. No, not really.

    With a Horse, you can open up the Inlet and Exhaust Ports, install a wild Camshaft, and Put in Racing Fuel. After that ,they might not even have 1 Horsepower.
  4. Tips for tuesday?
  5. I had a mate who made a living for a while on the horses.

    He didn't care about the horse, the form or anything. He stayed away from big races like this weekend. His idea was that he'd bet small on the favourite(s) for a place right before the race began. He figured that if the collective wisdom made a horse the favourite, then it was probably good enough to get a place. He'd also see what the prize pool was like and somehow this figured into his calcs. He'd go into a TAB all day - and bet towards a goal, without getting greedy... and be right for the next little while.

    Sounds reasonable... it wouldn't always work out though, and some days his arse was hanging out of his pants! I spose you could do it all from home these days with internet accounts and the like.

    Fewy, do you fancy yourself a proper punter, read the form, make calculated bets etc??
  6. I suppose you could say i fancy myself as a punter, i do it for a living and have supported my family for the last 15 years from it.
    I get paid hansomely for my form plus there is the money i can win off the punt off my own bat which is tax free :grin:
    You can check my results from todays tips if you don't believe me at tabonline.com.au
    Flemington race 5 #6 Won #7 second
    Flemington race 6 #9 second (tipped it eachway)
    Flemington race 7 #1 second (knocked off by a 100/1 shot) but no excuses
    Flemington race 8 #1 Won #5 nowhere #8 nowhere
    Gold Coast race 1 #5 Won #1 third
    Gold Coast race 2 #1 Scratched at barrier
    Gold Coast race 3 #1 Won
    Gold Coast race 5 #1 Won #8 nowhere
    Gold Coast race 7 #3 won
    Today was a very very good day this doesn't happen everyday.
    I love the game but also work very hard and long hours to achieve these sorts of results.
    I will post my cup selections probably early Tuesday if anyone is interested.
    Plus i am yet to find anyone who has a passion for bikes and horses.