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The public finally fights back!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. I want to give these guys a medal :grin:


    Oh and the beige brigade can post over here ---------------->>>
  2. Legends.
    Deadset legends.

    Top blokes.

    /would donate to their cause.
  3. I've wondered why this didnt start a long time ago. A truck tyre and a fwe litres of diesel does WONDERS.
  4. haaahahah Legends!

    Now thats the kind of vandalism I can support!

    +1 to donating :LOL:
  5. I would hope that if he gets caught, he goes before the judge that got pinged by that same camera. I think he's out a job now though.
  6. Whilst that link was impressive (the one where they realigned it to face upwards was my favourite :)) and puts them out of action for the longest possible time, wouldn't some liquid that attacks the lens (makes it opaque) be enough to do the job? It'd be a quicker fix, less conspicuous when quickly passing by and probably less likely to be picked up as quickly as a burnt box.
  7. It depends whether you want the film destroyed doesn't it?

    Also a burnt out box would also take longer to replace and cost more eventually placing a burden on the revenue raising process. though with the amount they make they could afford to have one burnt every week and still make a motza.
  8. Mate of mine reckons they are all now digitally linked over the 3G phone network and require no film. How true this is I don't know.

    Spray paint: stops them until they realise.
    Fire damage: costs time and money to replace.
  9. Yeh someone was spraying the one on New Line road years ago, untill they installed a camera to watch the camera way up high..
  10. cover face, paintball gun. :grin:

    Not sure how true it is, but a mate who lived in sunbury a few years ago said they had to permanently remove a camera because it was constantly damaged.
  11. I'm surprised it hasn't started earlier. But really, you keep pushing people, and stuff like this is eventually going to spill over.
  12. IIRC, some of the Geelong Road (VIC) cameras were taken out a couple of years ago by a sniper. This is in open country, mind.
  13. One man’s vandal is another man’s hero.

    Go you good things.
  14. HAHAHA even better!
  15. Wow, 13 states in the USA have actually banned the use of speed cameras now!


    I heard Canada has banned their use too. Australia will probably be lagging 20 years behind I'm sure...
  16. Only in Ontario IIRC

  17. That'd be right too. Earlier on in the decade the Brisbane City Council installed a lot of cameras to watch over known dumping ground. They 'hid' the cameras up in the trees. I'd say that persistent damage to speed camera boxes would result in the installation of vandal monitoring cameras. Get 'em both I say! :twisted:
  18. Little rippas, soon they'll have more cost per camera.... That being, the damaged vandal camera AND the damaged speed camera! Go get em boys and girls. The only vandals I WANT to move into my neighbourhood. :grin: Besides, it's more of a public service than vandalism.
  19. Maybe we should organise a ride, one that targets speed camera's... The helmets would cover faces, and number plates are easierly faked (I call dibs on: "FUKPOL").

    Get this ride happening at 2am and the cops will think the MR was a ride full of angels...!