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The Pro's of Commuting

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Goldenberri, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. I’ve recently started to commute to work. As I don’t like being late, I leave at the same time every morning to give me time to deal with any traffic issues. The result is that I’m getting to work at each site so early that I have time to sit at a café and relax with a good coffee (pro’s of working inner city).

    This morning, I’m sitting at the ridiculous child like chairs just perfect for someone my size at one of my morning haunts waiting for my sugar laced cappuccino when I begin to wonder about the constant helicopter buzz that’s beginning to annoy me. Then fellow coffee drinkers begin to run into the street, camera’s poised….. I stood, but wasn’t going anywhere until my coffee arrived.

    This fellow was clearly in trouble. We thought he was going to come down on the power lines….people started running away. I stood and watched this guy trying to get some last minute lift and guessed where he was aiming to land. In the St Kilda botanical gardens.

    I sat and had my coffee, finished a delightful little muffin while people abandoned newly arrived breakfasts, coffees and juices to run around the corner. They returned some time later and I enquired as to the balloon occupants wellbeing.

    Nailed his landing, right in the gardens between buildings and trees. What a trooper!

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  2. What kind of muffin?
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  3. Orange and poppy seed of course!:happy:
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  4. Chocolate chip
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  5. Yum JeffcoJeffco, but I save the chocolate for the afternoon.
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  6. I have been known to have some for breakfast :)
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  7. Hmm....and I thought I had a sweet tooth!
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  8. Why don't you balloon to work?
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  9. If you got onto a balloon GoldenberriGoldenberri, they'd ask you to tuck a couple of bricks under your arms, or one of those steel sculptures of yours, for at least a bit of ballast.
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  10. Nice one, GoldenberriGoldenberri! Your priorities of coffee first, hot air balloon drama second are much like my own at that hour of the morning. A great photo of the balloon coming down too. :]
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  11. XJ6NXJ6N it was partly coffee first, but I'm no ambulance chaser either. What good would I be among all the people who were running towards the landing if it ended badly? Realistically, I would just be another obstacle for emergency workers who were already flocking to the scene. I get my kicks on a bike. (y)
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  12. I'm partial to a good pumpkin scone in the mornings......
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