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The proper way to spend a day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. All suited-up and ready for work this morning, I grab my mobile phone as I'm literally walking out the door and realise I've gotten an SMS earlier in the morning. It's from cbrdno, suggesting that it's a great day for a ride and I'm feeling a little sick :)

    Checking the BoM site for the weather report, it only takes a few seconds for me to realise just how queesy I'm feeling, and that fresh air and sunshine would be the prescription. I get on the phone, luckily catching him already on the bike but not far from his place.

    We agree to meet at New World Honda, and spend a bit of time checking out teh gear before heading off through Berwick, Emerald, and Woori Yallock to Healesville. Up over the Black Spur and into Marysville for a bakery lunch. It was at this point I was feeling in a good mood so send a picture MMS to a few people asking them how they're day at work was and letting them know how nice the Spur was :)

    From Marysville it was onto Eildon and across Skyline Rd to Alexandra. Back over the Black Spur into Healsville. Through Lilydale and then to home, but only after stopping at a newly opened motorcycle clearance shop on Dorset Rd in Baywater North (a lot of MX gear and old model wet weather jackets and helmets etc.)

    Ahhh ... much better than going to the office!

    :D :D :D

  2. So what's your bosses e-mail address we send a link to this post to :wink:

    Just kidding.

    Looked like a nice day from my 19th floor vantage point today especially when the two Army Black Hawk Helicopters flew past outside my window.

    It tried hard to rain today but the Great Dividing Range blocked the wet stuff from wandering too far south.
  3. I say again:

    Son of a biatch.
  4. That was you who sent that MMS!!! (stupid phone doesn't show the contacts name in the MMS section, poor mat coped a unfounded sms from me expressing my discontent with him riding and me stressing at work....definately WASN'T a good day today.)

    Now that I know where to lay blame.

    Screw you!!!
  5. I think someone's jealous...
    :LOL: :LOL:

    I am :cry:
  6. hey hey hey, me posts dissapeard!!!!

    who wanted the doggy doo doo post anyway.

    crickey, did it piss someone offf


    did it

    got no humour haves ya

    well, pretty low, i tells ya

    lower than a snake belly

    up yas the lot of yas.

    get a porkupine up ya
  7. The PILES on you !
    In lieu of that, we'll "organise" a day off in Tassie for ya,
  8. me thinks being a mod on this site has its advantages, bit like the bikie days of old,

    my morning would start of with arobics bikie style, then move on to the wardrobe, to pick a riding uniform,

    do i like olive drab in draggin , or jungle green in leather, then after another wheelie on my bike, i go off to delete a few posts, just to make sure that i am still clinicly insane.

    then i threaten a few small forum members, then another attempt on my posts is done, then, at the end of the day, and the sun setting over my terminal, i reflex, and drink to my hearts content....

    well, as doctors and plumbers all have in commen, they can bury there mistakes
  9. WTF is aerobics bikie style (or shouldn't I ask?) :roll: :roll: