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The problem with bike shopping

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by port80, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Or maybe it's the problem with modern bikes. Having spent eleven and a half months on bikesales and google trying to figure out what my upgrade should be I was as confused today as I was back then. Why? Because there are so many really good modern (10 year old or younger) bikes. Nope, I haven't riden any of them but people that have riden/owned/worked on them usually have very little bad to say.

    The hardest part for me was trying to find a bike that was in the budget and best suited my needs. Then I had to contend with the insurance agency.
  2. These days there are very few bad bikes. I had about 12 on my potential list. I narrowed it down by working out the sort of riding I'll be doing mostly. A realistic budget (+10% :) ) then going for the easiest to live with long term. Then in my case I wanted something a little different and after about 18months I found it.

    Maybe your NR family can help.

    What style of riding? What budget?
  3. NR have already helped out :)
  4. Sometimes the bike chooses you. See them in the flesh, have a sit. Read up on the magazines, becouse whatever they say (you will see atren in different mags) is probably a good overall opinion of track/road/touring. Modern sportsbikes have little to flaw them, and you might not use all their features on the road anyway. Choose a bike that is YOU, not everyone elses.
  5. port it would have been handy if you had mentioned in the first post that you bought one and were only chatting about the difficulty in choosing.

    Have fun on the new ride.
  6. Thanks. But would it have made any difference? I wasn't asking for help to decide or I would have posted in 'Bike Reviews, Thoughts and Suggestions'. If I had bought one or not it was still a difficult decision that I feel reflects the general quality of modern bikes. Or maybe it refects that of bikes I felt suitable that there were no clear stand-outs. Maybe no matter the content of the OP some will fault it anyway.
  7. +1