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The private lives of politicians

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. No - as long as they do a good job I don't care what they do

  2. Yes - as leaders they should lead by example

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  1. Has the media scrutiny gone too far or are they just satisfying the public's lust for a good sex scandal?

  2. Mrs Samurai and I were talking about exactly this last night. I don't think there's an easy answer. But if it's just some pollie having a bit on the side, who gives a fcuk?
  3. It only matters if that's what they are elected on. For instance, Fraser, Gorton and Hawke all had certain "reputations" as Pime Ministers. The voters couldn't have cared less - none of those guys ever made any representation to be bastions of morality or proper behaviour.

    On the other hand if Fielding or Fred Nile were caught out behaving badly then it does matter. They were elected as representatives of a certain kind of morality or "family values".
  4. I love the spin in all of this stuff.

    However, snippets from the media such as this amuse me:


    Rooting a young student? OUTSTANDING display of strategic politics.

  5. can't find it.

    there is a gem of a quote from the chick who did della bosca. something about public figures and morality.

    the guy got on my nerves before all this. this just nails it.

    if they lie about, say, infidelity, what else are they lying about?

    he's got it easy now on the backbench. can go for a bit of a snooze.
  6. She is 26. Hardly a ponitailed schoolie !!
    (although I wouldn't mind seeing her in a short school uniform with white socks. :grin: )
  7. My point being she is half his age, and he thought it was all going to end well?

    Poor judgement. Dishonesty. Endorsed by the Police Minister? Excellent...
  8. Seriously though, look at what he had at home:

  9. It SHOULD be all about what they have been elected on.... but the problem is, that some behaviours or actions can place these public people in positions that may make them somewhat open to having to provide "favours" or bribery/blackmail.
  10. In this instance, who gives a toss where he's sticking it. Although, if it's true that he was skipping out on pollie business to have a quickie, then it becomes an issue.
  11. The only quote i heard that was of any relevance was when his mistress questioned how he got any work done at all given the amount of time he was spending with her. Notably, I only heard that in one news report, and the other 99 times it was reported they just wanted to mention how much younger a piece of meat he was sticking his doodle in. No one gives a shi*t, and the only thing more hyprocritical that a self-righteous polly, is a self-righteous public condemning an indescretion, when the majority of that public has been guilty of the same thing at one time or another.
  12. i question this statement.

    tall poppy syndrome, i'd say. we love a good public flogging.

    wonder why she just didn't keep her mouth shut?
  13. If people don't care what platform a politician is elected on as long as he's able to perform the job at hand, then what when said politician then tells us how to lead our lives?

    I'm no moral crusader by any means. But if these people dictate to me how I should lead my life then I expect nothing less than honest, moral and straightforward behavior from these people.

    If they don't like that then as a voter I shall not vote for them. But I need to know what their values are up front before I make a decision at the ballot box.

    That's my view, anyway.
  14. Well said...
  15. There was a liberal politician that held the seat of Parramatta a few years ago. The Canberra press gallery knew he was knocking of another women, because she was the flat mate of one of the press gallery. Initially it wasn't reported, because there is a bit of an unwritten rule not to report politicians indiscretions whilst in Canberra.

    The problem is this joker started then campaigning on family values and got a lot of press mileage out of it. Eventually the Canberra press gallery got the shits with the hypocrisy and reported his long term affair.

    He run for the next election, but lost.

    So I wonder what Delbosca did to get reported. I also wonder what else he has done to quit so readily. methinks he is hoping no-one will keep digging.
  16. And fair enough to question it. Perhaps take it in a more general vein, be it marajuana use, infidelity, speeding, drunkeness, lying, we've all done one thing or another that a polly has been dragged over the coals for. Except maybe Hornet.
  17. Nobody's perfect, but we as a society need to know as much as we can about the people that we want representing us and our choices. I think it's pretty logical that someone with a less than perfect set of morals in one area (such as fidelity) would be more likely to be susceptible to corruption and things like that.
  18. Is it just me, or does it always seem to be the whore that participated in the act with the "public figure" that also makes the big reveal to the media?

    Basically, it always feels like the "unknown" person drops out of the limelight despite also having dubious moral values... leaving the "celebrity" to deal with the consequences. The issue never seems to be discovered by someone external to the events.

    In this particular case, the other party seems to be pushing the point that he was avoiding work to be with her. Why would she care to tell everyone if she knew all along? Has she been sponsored by the Liberal party?

    In any case, as long as it wasn't affecting his work, I couldn't care less.

    Things like this frustrate me.

    Bil Clinton - By all accounts was a pretty good guy, but suffered severe consequences for receiving oral sex and lying about it.

    George W. Bush - Makes a mess of the US economy, stands by as war crimes are enacted under his watch, plunges the globe into unnecessary fear from "terrorists" and attacks a country to pursue a vendetta against a man (albeit a pretty evil one) that had never attacked the US - on the pretense that he had "weapons of mass destruction" that turned out to be non-existent. Oh well, never mind about that... he didn't get a blow job! No court cases or punishment for him!
  19. Surely the sexual affair is not the issue here. This is a man who's being paid a handsome salary, with thousands of perks, out of the public purse, who is guilty of failing to perform his sworn duties.

    We already know that he and his wife are addicted to power (and the abuse thereof) and it's plain that he saw himself as being in a different class to us poor peasants, and free to do whatever he pleased with the time for which we are paying him.

    If he had been neglecting his duties playing Dungeons and Dragons, or posting on Netrider :)shock:), the result should be the same; give him the bullet.
  20. Exactly, but this is the point that needs proving. Was he banging her on "company time" or not? If not, it doesn't matter to anyone but him, the young girl and his wife.